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Feminism and Boners

Feminism Makes Boners Sad may just be the best critique of a scientific study that I’ve ever seen. The scientists see gender performance in animals where it doesn’t exist and relate female sexuality to romance novels. Thankfully Jill at Feministe knocks them down a few thousand pegs. This is a must read! (Thanks to Arabella for sharing this.)

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Differences In Advertising Men’s And Women’s Sexual Enhancers

Think about the ads you’ve seen for Viagra. Then think about the ads you’ve seen for women’s sexual enhancers. Coming up blank? Perhaps that’s because ads for women’s sexual enhancers, ranging from “arousal oil” to sex toys, are frequently rejected by the mainstream media. Women’s sexual needs are still thought of as private, or, less charitably, best harnessed to service reproductive (heterosexual, monogamous) sex and properly domesticated motherhood. Continue Reading →