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Four tips for better woman on top sex position fun

Woman on top is one of the most commonly chosen sexual intercourse positions in many Western countries and yet it is also one of the more challenging sex positions for couples. Many women and men are unsure what to do once the woman gets on top and some men find that it is difficult to maintain their erection in woman on top. Couples may benefit from exploring different ways of “doing” woman on top. Here are four suggestions for woman on top sex: Continue Reading →

MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: Woman on Top (wait, there’s more!)

Yeah, I know. You’re probably thinking how often you’ve heard about the wonders of woman-on-top (WOT) only to find that, um, it kind of sucks. At least for some of you. Some of you probably love it and others are, like, meh. The thing about WOT is that it’s yours for the taking. Continue Reading →