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Wedding Season Reflection Part 1: The Power Vested in Us

This summer was an epic one for weddings. Many people I knew tied the knot this summer (including two of my favorite sex bloggers. Congrats, Jeana and Emily!). My partner and I attended six from May to September, and I thought I would share a few stories and lessons in the next few blog posts that I learned from the half-dozen ceremonies, receptions, and the one crazy carnival I experienced. Today I would like to contribute a story from one of my favorite wedding moments thus far. Continue Reading →

Getting Married As A Sex Blogger

Working as a blogger here at has led me to take a new perspective on some aspects of getting married (which is happening this August, but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet for various reasons). Since I’ve been having such an interesting time of things, I thought I’d share some of my experiences here. 1. Writing for a sex blog means there’s no need for sex toys at the bridal show. Yes, we know it’s a classic rom-com and sitcom trope to have the gifts get mixed up so it looks like someone’s grandma is giving someone a giant dildo. Continue Reading →

Tie The Knot: Marathon Style

In light of all the wasted coverage on Kim Kardashian’s pathetic attempt at marriage — I thought it may be beneficial to report on an actual, inspirational wedding (you know, one that isn’t for publicity/lasts longer than 70-something days). This past Sunday, during the New York City marathon, a couple from Texas tied the knot (while running) at mile 22 of the 26.2 mile race. The couple (Mary Martin and Raymond Donaldson) apparently met running; therefore – according to the bride - a ceremony during the race only seemed fitting. The two found a minister, one who just so happens to be a triathlete, to run the race with them in order to serve as the couples’ officiant. [Check out the video here!] Thus at mile 22, as the couples’ friends and family watched from the sidelines, the two exchanged rings and ran off to live happily ever after (literately…they had to run off together, there were still about 4 miles left of the race!). Continue Reading →

Fund a Start Up Instead of Buying Wedding Registry Frying Pans

Meet Drue and Svetlozar. They’re planning to get married on August 29 (less than a week away!) in California. Like many engaged couples, they have a wedding registry. Unlike many engaged couples, they aren’t asking for frying pans, spatulas, towels, sheets or to complete their china pattern. Neither are they asking you to save the world by donating to a green cause or planting a seedling in your backyard in celebration of their love. Continue Reading →