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Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe Touch

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly vibrator that’s soft-to-the-touch, this product should be on your radar. What you need to know right off the bat: Similar to the We-Vibe Tango (check out the MSP review, here!), the Touch is also waterproof, green, and rechargeable. In fact, a single charge will give you up to two hours of playtime, and it only takes 90 minutes to reboot. The vibe has eight different vibration modes (see photo below), and it’s encased in 100% medical-grade platinum silicone—which means it’s gentle on your goods as well as the environment. The main perks:

We-Vibe’s products all have the same charging base, so that means if you own multiple vibes from this company, you really only need to have one cord on hand. Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Shopping Tip #3 relates to g spot, vaginal, rabbit vibrators – and more!

This post is part of a three-part series related to tips for shopping for sex toys (such as vibrators). Read Part 1 and Part 2, and make sure to check back next week for Part 4. Tip #3: Know where you’re going. 

When shopping for sex toys, it helps to know what exactly you want to do with it. Buying a Rabbit just because it was on Sex and the City is – as thousands of women have found out – perhaps not the best way to choose a toy. Instead, spend some time thinking about what you know about your body and, if you’re in one, your relationship as a means of figuring out what toy might work for you. Continue Reading →

Vibrator Review #4: The We-Vibe Sex Toy for Couples

Whew! Yet another review of the We-Vibe. If you’ve tried the We-Vibe or any other sex toy you’d like to review, give me a holler at drdebby@mysexprofessor.com. Read previous reviews here. You can learn more about the We-Vibe from Babeland. Here’s the review from a (male) MSP reader:
The We Vibe is a very intriguing sex toy, due to its unique capabilities.  When I first heard of what it can do I was very "excited" to experiment with my girlfriend.  I found the We Vibe to be extremely satisfying, but only in certain positions.  I feel it is very limited in the amount of sex positions it can be used with. 
The two positions that work best for my girlfriend and I were Doggy style (Both standing Doggy style and on our knees) and the Standing Missionary position (I’m standing and my girlfriend at the edge of the bed or table).  The sensation of feeling a vibration while inside was very new, and very satisfying at the same time.  I also noticed that my girlfriend really liked when I pressed down on the outside portion of the We Vibe during the Standing Missionary position.  We have had the We Vibe for about 3 or 4 months now and really enjoy every time we use it.  We have never had an issues or problems, and it easy to clean.  Overall I would give the We Vibe 4 out 5 stars. Continue Reading →

Vibrator Review #3: We-Vibe Sex Toy for Couples

If you’re a regular MSP reader, you may remember that I posted a review of the We-Vibe sex toy for couples earlier this summer. Then several days ago, I posted another review of the We-Vibe that was sent to me by one of the lucky MSP readers who tried it out with her partner. Here is yet another review (btw, if you would like to share reviews or comments of any sex toys that you’ve used – we-vibe or not – send them to me; I’d love to read them and post anonymously). To learn more about the We-Vibe, visit their web site or buy one through Babeland (their North American distributor). Here goes:
I like the wevibe but some positions work better than others. Continue Reading →

Review #2 of the We-Vibe Couples Sex Toy

You may remember that several months ago I posted an overall review of the We-Vibe couples sex toy. Well, Babeland (the exclusive North American distributor of the We-Vibe) was kind enough to share a few extras with me so that I could give them to various couples and learn more about how women and men feel about the We-Vibe. Curious? I was too. Here is one review… Continue Reading →