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Sex Trivia #1: A Vulva is Not a Car

A vulva is not a car. Rather, “vulva” refers to the outside parts of women’s genitals: the clitoris, clitoral hood, labia majora (outer lips), labia minora (inner lips), and the vaginal opening, also called the introitus. The word “vagina” refers to the birth canal, even though not all women give birth or do so through their vaginas. Who cares? Well, I do. Continue Reading →

Sarah Silverman’s Vagina PSA on Conan

Sarah Silverman taped a fun vaginal health PSA for Conan O’Brien. Except she’s wrong about one thing: women should generally not use soap on their genitals. Sexual health experts advise using water and one’s hand to clean women’s genitals. If you want to use something extra, a mild cleanser can work but soap can be drying and/or irritating. She is right, though: women do not need vaginal deodorizers or fragrances. Continue Reading →

Vulvae: To Each Their Own

I recently came across this amazing blog, called The [Online] Vulva Book. It’s a fantastic site dedicated to showing the beautiful variety in vulvae across the world. Women are often super self-conscious about the appearance of their vulvae, as the images portrayed in pornography and the media often depict genitals as neatly packed little bundles of joy. The truth is, every vulva is different, and in my opinion, beautiful. Continue Reading →

Is Your Vulva Trendy?

So I’ve recently stumbled upon my newest obsession: vajazzling. Apparently this below-the-belt beauty trend is not breaking news by any means, but for some reason it has been popping up in articles on all of my favorite blogs and magazine sites. Although I have yet to experiment with adding this ’bling’ to my body - I thought I would dedicate a post highlighting some recent vagina/vulva trends and accessories I’ve been reading about. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Another Vulva Modcloth Dress

It doesn’t get much obviously vulva-like than this. Although Modcloth refers to this as their “well wrought dress”, it is clearly a vulva there around the dress-wearer’s vulva, right? This isn’t the first time Modcloth has gone the vulva route. There was that giant pink vulva dress back in May. Of course, they’re no Anthropologie, who seems to put out one octopussy dress or female reproductive parts dress or vulva-themed bikini after another. Continue Reading →

Women And Pubic Hair: To Bare It All Or Not?

For the past five or ten years, there’s been endless speculation about what women do with their pubic hair. Well – some speculation. After all, Hollywood paparazzi have captured, on film, the sometimes groomed, sometimes not-so-groomed, vulvas of various stars who apparently don’t wear underwear when they go out, and do step out of cars with their legs spread open. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: The Coffee Bean Vulva Version

Recently we traveled through the Indianapolis airport and stopped in an airport coffeeshop. And what did we see? Well, the better question is what did I – with my vulva-colored lenses – see? A bunch of vulvas hanging on their wall. Some might say that they’re supposed to be coffee beans and certainly I can see the resemblance. Continue Reading →