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Vaginal Tightening Gel Makes You Feel “Like A Virgin”?

It seems that almost every day, I come across a new product that somehow offends me on several levels. “18 Again,” a vaginal tightening gel produced by an Indian pharmaceutical company Ultratech, is no exception. According to the article from the NY Daily News, Ultratech’s goal is to “empower the new age woman.” Now, while I understand that it could be considered empowering to take the status of your vagina into your own hands (literally), the fact that the company is essentially telling millions of women that they are only worthwhile if they have so-called virginal vaginas is far from empowering. Continue Reading →

Where in the World is the Wondrous Vulva Puppet? Sydney Opera House Edition

This photo was taken while my vulva puppet and I were returning to Sydney Harbour on the (ironically-named, in this case) Manly Ferry. I think the side-by-side comparison is appropriate given that the Opera House and vulvas are both compared to opening clam shells. I enjoy art imitating life on a grand scale, especially when it’s vulvar. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow the author of this post, @katecom. Travel with your own vulva puppet? Continue Reading →

Seven Sex and Vagina Lessons from Sarah Silverman’s Twitter

In a country with very little sex education, I think it’s great that Sarah Silverman (who I follow on Twitter) is around to keep the masses educated. If you follow her @SarahKSilverman, you too can learn the following sorts of things about sex:

1. Vulvas are diverse in their beauty. They are also sometimes called “vaginas” by most people (including Sarah) and that’s probably okay. And while it’s possible that Sarah Silverman – who my Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva co-author and I once gave vulva-themed “muff”ins to * before her show at IU – may mean that her vagina (vaginal canal) has “off-beat good looks,” I think it’s a more likely scenario that she is referring to her vulva (the outside parts) in the following Tweet:


2. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Avocado Vulva

Sometimes I wonder if nature is trying to make me giggle. This lovely genital gem came in a bag with several other avocados from the market, but none of the others shared its labial allure. There’s even a little circular depression where a clitoris would be, were this avocado an actual vulva. I almost can’t bring myself to make guacamole out of it! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow Kate, the author of this post @katecom. Continue Reading →

Historical Statues Get Vulva-fied

Someone has made my week. An anonymous street artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia is attaching felt vulvas to the groins of statues throughout the city. I adore not only felt vulvas, but also appearances of fabric vulvas (in this case, velvet and satin) in unlikely places. Is this ‘vulva-nator’ (as Jamie Frevele at calls him or her) taking the yarnbombing trend in a new direction? Making a sexual/political statement? Continue Reading →

Where In The World Is The Wondrous Vulva Puppet? Iguazu Falls Edition

Here is the vulva puppet in front of Iguazu Falls, Argentina, which makes South America the fourth continent represented in the Where in the World is the Wondrous Vulva Puppet? series. Not surprisingly since it’s one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen and I was very pleased to bring along my favorite travel accessory to help me document the experience. Incidentally, I also learned in Iguazu that the Wondrous Vulva Puppet makes an excellent airplane pillow when you fold the labia majora together (long fight delay + sleep deprivation = innovation). Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow the author of this post, @katecom. Continue Reading →

Rachel Maddow’s 58 Vaginas

During the whole Virginia/vaginal probe issue, Rachel Maddow kept the pressure on by covering the issue day after day (thank you, Saint Maddow!). This meant that she said variations of the word vagina – well, mostly “vaginal” – dozens of times. DailyCaller has a video that captures roughly 58 of them. As someone who’s written variations of vulva and vagina countless times (I did, after all, co-author a book called Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva and my other sex books have whole chapters on women’s genitals) and published research on the topic, I love this video. [Hat tip to Jezebel]

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Celebrating My Birthday With Vulva Cupcakes

To celebrate my recent birthday, I hosted a make-your-own vulva cupcake party. I’ve seen various versions of vulva cupcakes on the internet (including this youtube video which frustratingly calls them ‘vagina cupcakes’) and was inspired to get some sex-positive friends together to make our own versions. My sex educator friends were especially keen on the idea of celebrating vulvas in culinary form. A generous friend made us red velvet cupcakes, pink and brown fondant (for the labia), and dyed shredded coconut (for pubic hair) in advance. On the day of the party, my guests assembled their own unique cupcakes (or ‘cuntcakes,’ if you prefer), complete with pomegranate seed clits, silver cachous (for piercings), and rainbow sprinkles (for whimsy). Continue Reading →