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Sarah Silverman Can Turn Your Mouth Into A Vulva

Sarah Silverman thinks that “being comfortable and vocal with your body” is a good thing – and I can’t say I disagree. Yet Silverman, who has never let ideas about “appropriateness” sway her, once again takes this comfort to the next level. Last week on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Silverman shared her favorite new camera trick with the audience. Bound to entertain pubescent boys (and perhaps the occasional adult who dabbles in the “dirty”) for decades to come, the trick involves photographing someone’s mouth in such a way that it resembles a vulva. Check out the video for a full how-to: Sarah Silverman’s iPhone Vulva Craft (thanks to Gizmodo for the tip). Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Hanging on the Wall

What pairs well with red wine and duck breast? Clitoral-inspired wall art, apparently. Earlier this fall, I was out dining with a friend in Philadelphia when I spotted this beauty on the wall. Now I can only assume that the artist responsible for this painting did not intend for it to resemble the upper most part of a woman’s vulva. But as I admired the paintings lining the walls of The Matyson, there it was, clitoral-esque art positioned right above my date’s head. Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: Avocado Vulva

Sometimes I wonder if nature is trying to make me giggle. This lovely genital gem came in a bag with several other avocados from the market, but none of the others shared its labial allure. There’s even a little circular depression where a clitoris would be, were this avocado an actual vulva. I almost can’t bring myself to make guacamole out of it! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow Kate, the author of this post @katecom. Continue Reading →

Historical Statues Get Vulva-fied

Someone has made my week. An anonymous street artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia is attaching felt vulvas to the groins of statues throughout the city. I adore not only felt vulvas, but also appearances of fabric vulvas (in this case, velvet and satin) in unlikely places. Is this ‘vulva-nator’ (as Jamie Frevele at calls him or her) taking the yarnbombing trend in a new direction? Making a sexual/political statement? Continue Reading →

Genitals In The Wild: Vulva Succulent

I came across this genital in the wild while having lunch with a sex educator friend at a cafe in North Melbourne. To our mutual delight, the table was adorned with this labial decor. Quite appropriate that this very vulval plant is a succulent, no? Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Kate McCombs, the author of this post, @katecom or make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

Celebrating My Birthday With Vulva Cupcakes

To celebrate my recent birthday, I hosted a make-your-own vulva cupcake party. I’ve seen various versions of vulva cupcakes on the internet (including this youtube video which frustratingly calls them ‘vagina cupcakes’) and was inspired to get some sex-positive friends together to make our own versions. My sex educator friends were especially keen on the idea of celebrating vulvas in culinary form. A generous friend made us red velvet cupcakes, pink and brown fondant (for the labia), and dyed shredded coconut (for pubic hair) in advance. On the day of the party, my guests assembled their own unique cupcakes (or ‘cuntcakes,’ if you prefer), complete with pomegranate seed clits, silver cachous (for piercings), and rainbow sprinkles (for whimsy). Continue Reading →

Your Vulva is Perfect: A Poem

In*Touch, my school’s sexual health education group, recently put on an awesome event called the Alternative Vagina Monologues. We invited the community to come and speak out about their vaginas, experiences, sexuality, opinions, etc. in a safe space. Though I was unable to attend the event, I heard that we had some really awesome speakers. Here’s a little poem I wrote for the event:

Your Vulva is Perfect
Your vulva is perfect
Yes, it is true
Whether pink and voluptuous
Veiny and blue
Trimmed, waxed, natural
or totally bare
Your vulva is perfect
It’s lovely down there! Continue Reading →

Genitals in the Wild: The Vulva on a Manhole Edition

Today when I was walking to class, I stumbled upon this little gem on campus. I’m not quite sure what exactly a “vulva at work” means, or what this is supposed to represent, but regardless, it’s awesome. I knew I had to post it- especially since two friends texted me this picture within the span of an hour, thinking it was blogworthy (one also thought I had put it there)! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor Continue Reading →

Anne Frank’s Edited Anatomy

In all the places to find interesting sex-positive talk, I was informed of this link while listening to SModcast with Kevin Smith.  He and his hetero-lifemate Scott Mosier expressed their disappointment in our society for the censorship that we feel we need to impose on our children, including basic anatomy talk from a famous teenaged figure.  This from the guys who made “Clerks.” The body talk in Anne Frank’s diary is an older story (the content discussed was first published in 1995), but resurfaced two years ago when parents in a Virginia middle school were complaining about the “explicit sexual content” in this classic piece of literature. Reproduced here is the “explicit sexual content.” “…Until I was eleven or twelve, I didn’t realize there was a second set of labia on the inside, since you couldn’t see them. What’s even funnier is that I thought urine came out of the clitoris…When you’re standing up, all you see from the front is hair. Continue Reading →