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You Say Hymen, We Say Vaginal Corona

In keeping with the Sex and Language theme week, we thought it would be interesting to mention this fact: the “hymen,” thought of as a brittle membrane that is broken when a woman loses her virginity, does not exist. As Scarleteen informs us, the proper term is “vaginal corona” and these thin folds of mucous tissue are formed differently in each individual woman and are not a good indicator of sexual experience, tampon use, or anything else. Since the word “hymen” has such negative connotations of purity and being a virgin from the limited perspective of male-female vaginal penetrative intercourse, why not start saying “vaginal corona” instead? We dare you. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: What Does Sex Feel Like?

Recently on Yahoo Questions, a young woman had a question about whether sex would feel good (when she eventually has it) given that she recently tried using a dildo and found that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The original Q&A can be found on the Yahoo Questions web site. This was my reply:

As someone who studies sexuality as well as what people do with sex toys, this is what I can tell you:

While some women enjoy using dildos, not all do. In fact, women more often use vibrators than they use dildos. Even when they do use vibrators, women  more often use vibrators on their clitoris (which is on the vulva, an outside part of a woman’s genitals). Continue Reading →

Why does sex hurt? Is it because I’m nervous about sex?

Well hi there. This is my first time writting to you, I’m only 15 and I have already had sex several times with my boyfriend. There are many questions that I would like to know about sex but at times I tend to get embarrased to ask my mother. She also doesnt know that I’ve had sex before. The last recent time that I’ve had sex I wanted to, but while it was happening I felt really nervous and it hurt. Continue Reading →