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Sex And Little Red Riding Hood

There is a movie called “Red Riding Hood” coming out in March of 2011 (trailer here), and it looks to be quite sexy. One blogger has already touched on some of the traditional aspects of the tale–visiting grandma’s house, the dangers of the forest–but I thought I would provide a folklorist’s view on how the tale has evolved over time, including its connections to sex and sexuality, so that readers can see the movie and evaluate how they feel about its departures from tradition. How old is the tale? Well, we don’t know, exactly. Part of the deal when you study folklore is that it’s frequently transmitted through oral tradition, or word-of-mouth tellings and retellings. Continue Reading →

Palin Does Porn?

My friends were very excited to show this to me as soon as I made it back to campus. The Hustler video, sadly, does not star the real Sarah Palin, but porn-star Lisa Ann. But it is beyond hilarious. Almost hilarious enough for me to buy the full blown film….I have such a soft-spot for porn with terrible writing and plot lines. There’s something about hearing a Palin impersonator say, “You betcha! Continue Reading →

I’ll Be There

As I’ve said in the past, I think that Planned Parenthood is an amazing organization. They are doing their best to provide reproductive health services, family planning options, and sex education to as many people as they can. I just finished an internship with the public policy department at Planned Parenthood of Illinois and it was a really incredible experience. The people that I worked under were all really enthusiastic about what they were doing, and my fellow interns were really creative and hardworking. I’m really glad that I got to help contribute something useful to this organization and the odds are pretty good that I’ll be back for some other volunteer work next year. Continue Reading →

New Theme Song: I Just Had Sex (VIDEO)

I Just Had Sex – Video NSFW

I have a feeling this song is going to be my new theme song right after I’ve had a fulfilling night of hot sex. I know the song is a satire, but I think we should have more celebratory songs for just getting laid. (via Fleshbot)

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2011 AVN Awards Nominations

The 2011 AVN Awards Nominations (pdf) are out and you’re more than welcome to comb through all 74 pages of it like I did if you’re a sex toys and porn nerd like me. But if you’re not, or you just have better ways to spend your time, let me just sum it up for you. It’s a lot of the same industry porn as usual with titles that do more than just border on the offensive. But the great news is that we’re seeing more and more independent companies with loftier visions of human sexuality being nominated for awards. With the addition of sex toys and sex toy companies this year we got to see even more of this. Continue Reading →

The Cup Size Choir

Okay, so obviously I would be in love with this. I mean, it’s a combination of my two greatest passions in life- pretty bras and singing. While the pitch does get a little wonky, and it’s mildly creepy to watch each girl fall onto the mattress every time her note is sung, I seriously appreciate this. Continue Reading →

A ‘Must-See’ Film: The Education Of Shelby Knox

Talk about a movie that will make your head spin… I recently watched the film, The Education Of Shelby Knox: Sex, Lies, and Education and if sexual education is something you fancy, I highly recommend that you check this out. The 2005 documentary (directed and produced by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt) focuses on Shelby Knox – a teenage girl who joins a campaign for implementing comprehensive sex education in the high schools of her hometown (Lubbock, Texas). Continue Reading →