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A Vibrator Researcher Checks out the Vibrator Movie, Hysteria

Being something of a “vibrator researcher” (see here, here, here, and here for starters), it’s perhaps not surprising that I wanted to see Hysteria – the new so-called “vibrator movie” – as soon as I could. Fortunately, it was playing nearby at the IU Cinema (a beautiful venue for watching films). The verdict? I enjoyed Hysteria. I went for escapist fun and it delivered. Continue Reading →

Gender on the Galactica

Ok, so I’m secretly a huge nerd. Well, maybe that’s not so secret. But recently I’ve been accepting my true nerdiness and allowing myself to delve into some awesome sci-fi shows. For the past week, I’ve spent most of my free time watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m only on season 2, but so far I’m fascinated by all of the sexuality/gender play on the show! Continue Reading →

Do Women In TV Exist Just For Men?

Vanity Fair’s Women in Television article is… well… click the link to see for yourself (it’s safe for work). This exemplifies what anime fans among others call “fanservice” or scenes that are designed to titillate male viewers. While I have no problem recognizing the beauty of a group of attractively dressed and posed women, the message seems to be that women should be beautiful for men’s gazing pleasure, rather than because they want to be beautiful on their own terms. Aren’t we past that yet? Continue Reading →

Cape Town: Where Midget Porn is Considered Bisexual Porn?

Recently when we were visiting Cape Town, we popped into an adult bookstore called “Adult World”. There, on the shelf labeled “Bi-sexual DVDs”, I spotted “Us & Them: A Midget Love Story” – a porn that didn’t really seem like bisexual porn to me, but there it was along with a few other films on the topic. A couple of aisles away were two young women – probably in their mid-20s. One of them appeared to be buying her first dildo with encouragement and suggestions from her female friend. I tried to not eavesdrop, but their comments and giggles made the whole scene so intriguing to me. Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch is a film you will either love or hate. It has polarized viewers and started lengthy debates about the ways in which sex and sexiness are portrayed and, perhaps, manipulated. As far as I can tell, there are valid reasons to both laud and loathe the film, depending on one’s sexual politics. Below the cut, I will discuss how the film handles some very important sexual issues—but be warned, spoilers lie ahead! Continue Reading →

Tech Guys Finally Get Some Solid State Support

Check out Menaga Miss’ music video “Hard Driving Me Crazy”

This is the hetero tech guys’ erotic dream – the cam girl who dresses up as Leeloo and Lara Croft (AND some leather suited robot-dancing lady – Aeon Flux?) and then leaps out of the monitor for some F2F sexy time.  Thanks, Menaga Miss, for including so many computer puns.  One of my favorites is “gigabyte me all night long.”  Enjoy the nerdiness. Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Craig VanKempen, the author of this post, @craigvk and make friends with us on Facebook. Photo thanks to Reverbnation.  

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S/M Making A Come Back

I’m sure many of you may have already heard Rihanna’s latest song “S&M” – but in case you haven’t (or in case you haven’t been able to check out the video) I thought I’d share the link to her latest piece. I heard the song a while back and now that the music video has come out, I can say - it is definitely not what I would have expected (but in a good way). I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna’s music as well as a fan of sadomasochism (or really any form of sexual expression); yet I think it’s so interesting how a pop star can make something trendy (especially when you consider how taboo S&M is to many people). The other night my roommates and I were sitting in our living room and one of them brought up the topic of Rihanna’s video – she just couldn’t believe how “out there” the video was. We then came to find out that this said roommate didn’t know what S&M stood for (so obviously it’s understandable why the video wouldn’t make much sense to her). Continue Reading →

I Have Sex!

A group of students at Wesleyan University recently filmed this awesome video to raise awareness on the potential funding cuts that would affect Planned Parenthood and many other small health clinics. This video has totally inspired me to film one on my own campus!

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