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Call Of (Female) Duty

I won’t claim to be anywhere near an expert player of Call Of Duty (now Tetris is another story – I have yet to have a friend beat me at that). However, a few of my friends are huge fans of the game, and as such I’ve learned a little bit about it. I like that you can customize some of your weapons (I love the cherry blossom print guns), but did wonder why there are only minimal options for the soldiers themselves? One problem I had with the soldier options were that they were all male – but that’s soon going to change! When the latest version is released this month (Call of Duty Ghosts) players will have the option to choose the gender of their soldier. Continue Reading →

Book Review Of Violation: Rape In Gaming

Maybe you don’t think of the words “rape” and “gaming” being used together very often, but according to Clarisse Thorn and Julian Dibbell, co-editors of a new anthology, perhaps you should. They recently released Violation: Rape in Gaming as an e-book and paperback, and as we MSP readers know to expect from Clarisse’s other work, this is a thought-provoking foray into the collisions between sexuality and subcultures. Thorn’s introduction reflecting on game rape, feminism, S&M, and selfhood is one of the highlights of the book, giving readers some framing terms and concepts to accompany us through the rest of the essays. Thorn describes her involvement with feminism and with the BDSM/S&M/kink communities, and she draws some intriguing connections between the use of negotiated boundaries and safewords in BDSM and consensual reality in role-playing games (such as how the Mind’s Eye Theater system of role-playing emphasizes player boundaries even in horrifying in-game situations). Thorn also gives a history of gaming starting with tabletop role-playing games like D&D, and moving up through LARPs, MUDs, and MMOs. Continue Reading →

Gender, Gaming, And Safe Spaces

Gaming and geek cultures are increasingly a part of contemporary people’s hobbies, lifestyles, and social options. Notice that I said “people” and not just “guys,” because, as it turns out, many gamers are also women–around 42% according to some studies. However, a lot of these women don’t feel safe or welcome while playing in large online games, so they hide their gender, or otherwise try to downplay their real-life identities. Why? I’ve been reading posts by Lesley, a blogger who’s also a gamer, on this topic in an effort to understand. Continue Reading →

Wii Dares What Kinect Won’t

In a previous post of mine, I conjectured that it would be a long time before we see a Rock Band type game looking at sex and sexual activity.  Well, I have been proven wrong! This article talks about the parents who are up in arms since a company released a sexy Truth or Dare game for the Nintendo Wii.  Check out the commercial – it seems like tame fun that could lead to other things! What do you about this?  Like Violet Blue, the NSFW bloggess that led me here, does this entice you to purchase and/or dust off the Wii?  Or perhaps something to use the Wii for now that your Wii Fit board is languishing unloved in the corner?  Or is this normal adult/teen antics for the virtual video game age? Learn about MSP posts as they happen by following us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. You can also follow Craig VanKempen, the author of this post, @craigvk and make friends with us on Facebook. Continue Reading →

New Ways to Kinect

As a follow-up to the wonderful article on Vagina Hero, I wanted to share this:

Penny Arcade, one of the gamer communities’ flagship webcomics, is at times both hilarious and offensive.  Is also occasionally impenetrable as well, especially if you aren’t versed in gamer speak.  Fortunately, I am more l33t than n00b, so I am able to keep up with at least half of what they say. Continue Reading →