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Fairy Pocket Mini USB Vibrator (Video Review)

Not long ago I received the Fairy Pocket Mini USB vibrator to review from MyPleasure. It was a fun surprise to find it on my doorstep as last year around this time I reviewed the original version, the Fairy Mini Wand – and I had been quite impressed. The mini USB version was another home run. Unlike many USB vibrators, the Fairy Pocket Mini is (a) cuter, rather than trying to look all “techie” like some do, (b) more intense, though still with variable speed options as women vary in what they like and (c) small, making it ideal for travel. Just plug it into your laptop for a re-charge and go! Continue Reading →

Vibrator Play, Genital Diversity, Pornland, Sex Toys For Moms & Online Ed

Some (mostly) sex things of note:

- The San Francisco Chronicle looks at sex toy gatherings for moms (and references our research team’s vibrator study)
- The Vibrator Play takes DC! I may check this out on an upcoming trip. – There’s an interesting-sounding Queering the Countryside conference to be held this Fall in Bloomington
- Lifehacker tells you how to get access to the best free university classes online (I’ve checked some of these out and particularly loved an anatomy lecture from a Berkeley professor)
- In one Ohio town, churchgoers and strippers stage counter-protests
- Christopher Walken moves out of his understudy role and guest hosts an NPR show
- The New View Campaign announces its upcoming day-long conference on genital diversity and female genital cosmetic surgery
- I learn what Amituofo means after someone Tweets it to me 
- Jezebel reports on a man who wanted to love Eat Pray Love, but you know… – Newsweek asks if porn has highjacked our sexuality? – A federal court reluctantly upholds a sex abuse conviction, as reported by the New York Times Continue Reading →

European Women Get Vibrators, American Women Get Pads & Breath Mints

Though it seems like another lifetime ago, it was only last month that I went to Edinburgh, Scotland to attend a conference about vulvar and vaginal health. On my way back home – well, actually by way of New York – I stopped to use the airport ladies room before boarding my morning flight. I was almost out the door of the ladies’ when I noticed that the vending machines sold two types of small Durex vibrators. That’s right: women in the Edinburgh ladies room can buy period products (like tampons) or they can buy a vibrator. Amazing options, eh? Continue Reading →

A Vibrating Mascara Wand? Gross.

Over at Gizmodo, I learned about a vibrating mascara wand via the below video and thanks to Joanna who added “the last place I’ve ever thought to stick a vibrating wand is in my eye.” Well, for me, other “last places” where I would definitely  not recommend sticking a vibrating mascara wand include the vagina or the anus. Because people will do this even though I don’t think they should (and it’s not just because the vibrating mascara wand appears to run on watch batteries, which are notorious for “zero orgasmic intensity”). Continue Reading →

Debby-Approved vibrator app?

I kind of love that Gizmodo has introduced the term ”Debby-Approved vibrator app” (referencing MyPleasure’s MyVibe app) in their post about Apple’s first iPhone porn-ish app (featuring topless women). I would have gladly checked this new app out but it was down by the time I learned of it – too much interest all at one, perhaps? In the mean time, I will stick to sorting through potentially Debby-approved vibrators such as the Lelo Homme Bo couples cock ring or the We-Vibe. And if you know of a new great iPhone sex app, hit me up. [screen shot image via Gizmodo] Continue Reading →

Vibrating Cock Ring for Men and Couples: The Lelo Homme “Bo”

Recently I learned of a new toy in the Lelo line of sex toys for women, men and couples: this one is actually part of their male line called “Homme” (which you may know means “man” in French). This particular toy in the Homme line is called the “Bo” and it’s interesting to me for many reasons. Continue Reading →

Do It Yourself Sex Toys and Lube

Time Out Chicago’s Do-It-Yourself (DIY) issue  has hit the news stands – or your mailbox, if you’re one of our lovely subscribers. Though there are tons more things to find in the actual issue, you can read about a couple of sex-related items that I contributed to the issue such as the DIY Travel Dildo and the DIY Lube. It took a lot of practice – as well as some expert advice from sex shop owner Searah, of Early to Bed in Chicago but the toy I ended up making was easy to assemble and makes for a good travel toy for those who are shy at TSA. The DIY issue has many useful non-sex related tips as well. One of my favorites was some info about how to clone your favorite pants, something I have long wanted to do. Continue Reading →