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The Ultimate Way to Rise and Shine

Waking up in the a.m. may not be your favorite thing to do when the sunlight comes pouring through your windows. But if it’s something you truly dread, it may be time to upgrade the way you roll out of bed. But how on earth can you make waking up more enjoyable? (Glad you asked!) You may be the perfect candidate for the ‘Little Rooster’—the half vibrator, half alarm clock device that fits right inside of your panties (totally not kidding). Continue Reading →

Sex Toys: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The holidays are upon us, and if you’re like me and put off buying gifts until the very last minute – the fact that Christmas is less than a week away may be stressing you out a bit. But fret no more MSP’ers, because I’ve got the perfect solution for your stocking stuffer dilemma:
SEX TOYS. Now obviously if you’re buying gifts for your grandmother, or perhaps – your boss, this will likely NOT be a good gift route to take (even if your grandmother is sex toy positive, she may not want to get one from you, her grandchild). But if you’re looking for an item to give your partner, sex toys are where it’s at. Plus, gift giving is the perfect opportunity for introducing sex toys to the relationship (no matter what holiday you celebrate!). Continue Reading →


Attention ladies, start your engines–your computer engines that is. Thursday is MyPleasure’s second annual ’Sex Toy Day’ and this year the wonderful folks at are giving away 30 Royal Butterfly Dual Action vibrators! Therefore, make sure you’re by your computer that morning so you can visit their website to get the link for your chance to win! Also, just a heads up from those in charge of the event: if traffic crashes the site make sure you’re following (them) on Twitter and Facebook so you can still get the link. And yes, last year the site really did crash. Continue Reading →

Ladies, Embrace Your Vibrator

The other day I was walking down the isles at Walgreen’s, picking up the usual – hair products, lotion, vitamins, etc. – and what do I stumble upon in the store?! Vibrators. That’s right, you heard me correctly – vibrators. Tucked in right between a neck massager and some neat device that is used to heat up oils in order to make your room smell nice. Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Review: MyPleasure Waterproof Pocket Rocket

Here we are in the middle of March and I still find myself wondering about how people spend romantic occasions, such as Valentine’s Day. Do you spend them with your partner or prefer flying solo? Do you go out to a fancy dinner or keep it low key and cook at home? Do you surprise a loved one with jewelry or maybe you’re more traditional and stick to the flower/chocolate combo? Well this year – whatever the occasion – I challenge you to spice things up – why not try a sex toy? Continue Reading →

Sex Toys To Avoid: Phthalates

Phthalates are chemicals used to soften plastics and are used in many products such as shower curtains, vinyl flooring, tupperware containers, children’s toys, and sex toys. They’re all around us. The issue with phthalates is that they don’t actually bond to the plastics they are mixed with which causes them to leach into the environment all around us. They get into the food we eat and the air we breathe. Increased levels of phthalates have been shown to be linked to wheezing, allergies, asthma, autism, organ failure, issues with hormone production, and cancer. Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Review: Orgasmic Bliss Vibrator

Receiving the Orgasmic Bliss was quite exciting for me. I approve of sex toys in general, but don’t have that much experience with different kinds of vibrators. So, here’s to excitement and adventure and my first sex toy review. Materials, Cleaning, & Care
The Orgasmic Bliss is made of 100% silicone and it feels pretty nice. It isn’t a hard toy and the bumps on the outside will give a little under pressure. Continue Reading →

Sex Toys to Avoid: For Novelty Use Only

Americans are used to having all of their products regulated. Food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cars, children’s toys, etc. Everything is tested and tested again and if there ends up being a problem there is a recall. The items that may effect people in negative ways usually come with warnings “do not operate heavy machinery,” “may cause cancer,” “keep out of reach of children.” Have you ever looked at what it says on the vast majority of sex toy boxes? Continue Reading →

Sex Toy Review: The Tybo Callisto

If you’re interested in sex toys that vibrate and offer multiple points of stimulation, you might like the Tybo Callisto. The Callisto is a dual-action rabbit vibrator, meaning it has a main shaft that can be used for insertion, along with two nubs on opposite sides that can be used for clitoral and/or anal stimulation. With a slim shaft—I’ve included a picture of the vibrator next to some bananas for scale—the Callisto seems like it would be suitable for various kinds of play. Materials, Cleaning, & Care

The vibrator is made of PVC rubber, and the toy is supposed to be waterproof (though haven’t been inclined to test it!). Cleaning is easy using warm water and soap. Continue Reading →