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MSP Valentine Thoughtful Gift Idea #3: Unique Experience Gifts

When shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift – or any other gift – it’s important to consider whether the giftee would like an actual object for a gift or whether they would better appreciate an experience. Here are some ideas to consider:

- Swimming with the dolphins (or a sea lion!) – Of course, this requires that you live close to, or can travel to, a place such as Key Largo, Florida or the Bahamas where this is a possibility. Some aquariums and zoos that have dolphins offer this experience, too. – Dance lessons – either private lessons (let’s say your girlfriend, wife, sister or best friend is nostalgic for the ballet lessons of her youth, and there are adult classes nearby) or couple classes (such as for ballroom, salsa, or swing dance). If you do this together, it’s a great night out and often quite affordable. Continue Reading →