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How to Use Vaginal Dilators for Vaginismus

When I taped The Tyra Banks Show episode about vaginismus and other conditions that make sex feel painful if not impossible for women to experience, I was given the opportunity to provide more in-depth information about vaginismus on a behind-the-scenes video. In this video, I was also able to share a few tips about using vaginal dilators as part of treatment for vaginismus including what to look for in a dilator (e.g., smooth, flexible dilators of varying sizes) and how women use them. In addition, information is provided about other types of treatments (such as cognitive-behavioral based sex therapy) that are sometimes to help women and couples address vaginismus and other causes of painful sex. You can watch the video on The Tyra Banks Show’s web site by clicking here and find the Pure Romance vaginal dilators I showed in the video by clicking here. More detailed information about dilator use can be found in the informational pamphlet that I wrote and that is included in the dilator set (Note: Although I participated in the design process of the dilators, I do not profit from sale of the dilator set!). Continue Reading →