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Let’s Go Into The Snowman’s Vagina

Clicking on Jezebel showed me yet another reason why Chicago is a wonderful city (that I don’t get to spend nearly enough time in) – a giant bouncy snowman that doubles as a bounce house. The best part is that to enter the snowman bounce house, you hop in through the snowman’s vagina. The snowman was originally posted on Chicago’s Navy Pier Winter Wonderfest website. Kate Dries notes on Jezebel that “this Snowman is clearly biologically a Snowoman.” Do you think kids pick up on the fact that canal to enter is a vaginal canal? I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to head to Chicago pronto. Continue Reading →

Nature, Nurture, And Vaginas

One of my favorite questions to explore since I took a psychology class in high school has been the relationship of nature and nurture, or biology and culture. How much of human behavior is determined by relatively fixed factors like our genes and hormones, and how much is shaped by environment, family, diet, and culture? These intersections are tricky and difficult to navigate, yet teasing out distinctions has been a key project of sexuality scholars and feminists for decades now (to cite but one example, in the Victorian era it was believed that women’s wombs would wander, causing distress and dumbness, and so women’s bodies were held against them as a reason they couldn’t be educated, own property, or participate in politics – which, today, is known to be obviously untrue). While I’ve not yet had a chance to read feminist Naomi Wolf’s controversial new book Vagina, I’d like to use its premise as a leaping-off point for discussing how complicated the nature-nurture relationship can get when you throw in sexuality and history (both personal and cultural). As Wolf describes her project in an interview, she “stumbled upon hugely important scientific discovery after hugely important scientific discovery,” proving what she called a “profound brain-vagina connection.” Drawing from scientific studies as well as her own sex life, the book’s premise seems to be that women’s sex lives are unfulfilling in large part because women’s biology (specifically regarding sex and vaginas) is so misunderstood. Continue Reading →

Ecology of the Nether Region

The world of ecology has just got a whole lot more interesting. Instead of delving deeper into the uncharted waters of our oceans, or the dark recesses of the world’s rainforests, scientists have turned their focus inwards, to the ecology of microbes lurking in the nooks and crannies of our own bodies. Incredibly, bacterial cells that live on and in us outnumber our own cells by about 10 to 1. Collectively known as the microbiome, these microscopic passengers are far from simple free-loaders. Our gut is teaming with bacteria that help us to digest everything from our breakfast cereal to our midnight ice-cream indulgence. Continue Reading →

Kangaroos and their Three Vaginas

The incredible diversity of Australian wildlife is one of the most fascinating things I find about living Down Under. Instead of pigeons making noise in the trees outside my urban apartment, there are tri-colored parrots and cockatoos. On a walk yesterday evening, I saw three of these possums in a tree downtown. Oh yeah, and you can see bats flying around above the parks at night. So. Continue Reading →

Your Vulva is Perfect: A Poem

In*Touch, my school’s sexual health education group, recently put on an awesome event called the Alternative Vagina Monologues. We invited the community to come and speak out about their vaginas, experiences, sexuality, opinions, etc. in a safe space. Though I was unable to attend the event, I heard that we had some really awesome speakers. Here’s a little poem I wrote for the event:

Your Vulva is Perfect
Your vulva is perfect
Yes, it is true
Whether pink and voluptuous
Veiny and blue
Trimmed, waxed, natural
or totally bare
Your vulva is perfect
It’s lovely down there! Continue Reading →

Is Your Vulva Trendy?

So I’ve recently stumbled upon my newest obsession: vajazzling. Apparently this below-the-belt beauty trend is not breaking news by any means, but for some reason it has been popping up in articles on all of my favorite blogs and magazine sites. Although I have yet to experiment with adding this ’bling’ to my body - I thought I would dedicate a post highlighting some recent vagina/vulva trends and accessories I’ve been reading about. Continue Reading →

Not Get That Raise You Were After? Maybe You’re Not So Fresh

A recent post on the Daily Kos caught my attention; it featured a Summer’s Eve ad from Woman’s Day magazine that suggested that, in order to get a raise, women ought to try using a feminine hygiene product. As a feminist, I’m already a little annoyed that on average I don’t make the same salary as my male counterparts, but now I have some company implying that using a “feminine wash” will help give me that confidence to talk to my boss? I get that Summer’s Eve wants to sell their products and make money, but this is going a little too far for my personal liking. I’m glad that there are blogs out there that are bringing advertisements like this to my attention (as well as including e-mail addresses for readers to share what’s on their mind with not just Summer’s Eve, but also Woman’s Day magazine which featured this advertisement). Ad image from the Daily Kos. Continue Reading →

Vatooing (the Vagina Tattoo) Seems Bad For Intercourse Orgasms

On Jezebel this morning, I found this video about “vatooing” which the woman at the salon in the video describes as “literally a tattoo for your vagina.” As Jezebel’s Tracie points out, this makes no sense. After all, that the vagina is the inside part (the birth canal), the vulva is the outside part and the temporary tattoos they showed in the video are placed at the top of the mons pubis/lower abdomen area. I guess it’s just an attempt to steal some pageviews from the vajazzling folks (who were never bedazzling the vagina anyway, but the mons pubis part of the vulva). Can we get some vulva education please? Continue Reading →