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Kangaroos and their Three Vaginas

The incredible diversity of Australian wildlife is one of the most fascinating things I find about living Down Under. Instead of pigeons making noise in the trees outside my urban apartment, there are tri-colored parrots and cockatoos. On a walk yesterday evening, I saw three of these possums in a tree downtown. Oh yeah, and you can see bats flying around above the parks at night. So. Continue Reading →

A Walk-In Uterus And Other Joys Of The Beijing Natural History Museum

After exploring some of Beijing’s more famous tourist hot spots (like the Great Wall), I decided to check out the Beijing Natural History Museum. Not only was the museum free, it had quite the collection of sex and reproduction-related exhibits. My favorite of which was a walk-in uterus. See the ovaries on either side? There’s even a little seat in there if you just want to hang out. Continue Reading →

My Skewed Vision of the World

Last week I came across this uterus-themed pinata on etsy (above) and thought it was pretty neat. I do, after all, own several vulva puppets and uterus dolls. A couple of days later I received an email from a friend – who had no idea I had come across the uterus pinata on etsy – sending me a link to the someecards blog on which they mock it. “Sure, it costs a whopping $140,” they write, “but inside every enormous paper maché uterus are Bliss dark chocolates, Hershey’s kisses, and tampons. Bat and crankiness sold separately.” Continue Reading →