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10 Sex Educators You Should Follow on Twitter


Twitter is a great place to hear about the work sex educators and researchers are doing all over the world. Often it will be the first place I see the latest sex-in-the-news story or it’ll be the inspiration for a new sex ed project. In light of how much I enjoy the sex ed community on Twitter, I decided to write a post (an expanded #followfriday, so to speak) highlighting some of the folks who’ve inspired me recently. This isn’t meant to be an absolute “best of,” but rather, a snapshot of people and organizations doing great work that I admire. 1. Continue Reading →

Feminist Hulk

As of this moment, I still have yet to join Twitter. It’s not that I’m opposed to it, I think it’s a fairly useful social networking tool and means of communicating with people on the internet. I just don’t know that I need another thing on the internet to distract me from writing my BA thesis. So I have to count on my friends to alert me to funny/interesting things over there. They rarely fail me though. Continue Reading →