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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Masters of Sex (Photos NSFW)

Within the span of three days, I received text messages from each of my (divorced) parents insisting that I watch “the new sex show” on Showtime. Mind you, my parents assume that my newly-minted bachelor’s degree in Sexuality Studies grants them permission to send me a daily smattering of sex-related articles, which I usually find sort of endearing and only slightly annoying. For whatever reason, I decided to give this particular suggestion a go. And oh. My. Continue Reading →

Do Women In TV Exist Just For Men?

Vanity Fair’s Women in Television article is… well… click the link to see for yourself (it’s safe for work). This exemplifies what anime fans among others call “fanservice” or scenes that are designed to titillate male viewers. While I have no problem recognizing the beauty of a group of attractively dressed and posed women, the message seems to be that women should be beautiful for men’s gazing pleasure, rather than because they want to be beautiful on their own terms. Aren’t we past that yet? Continue Reading →

Why Getting Pregnant On TV Is A Bad Idea

And yes, obviously it’s a bad idea to get pregnant if you are on TV at the moment of conception… but what I want to talk about here is how when female characters on TV shows get pregnant, things tend to go badly for them, in ways that seem influenced by misogyny and a fear of women’s bodies. I just discovered a brilliant Youtube series called Tropes Vs. Women, about how TV and movie themes depict women in very stereotypical and sexist ways. My favorite so far is about “The Mystical Pregnancy,” which is when “writers use to create drama and terror by invading, violating and exploiting women’s reproductive capabilities.  Often these female characters have their ovaries harvested by aliens or serve as human incubators for demon spawn.  Sometimes they are carrying the Messiah and other times Satan himself.” Continue Reading →

Why We Watch Glee Even Though High School Kinda Sucked

During the conversation between Mr. Schuester and Coach Beiste wherein she admits to having “Never Been Kissed,” Mr. Schue says a line that really stuck with me:

“All of us are scarred by high school. Next to our parents, nothing screws us up more. And people like us, we’re stupid enough to come back here and relive that pain every day.” Continue Reading →