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Fixing The Visual Strip Search

For a while it seemed like stories about the TSA body scanners and the “enhanced pat-down” procedures were in the news everywhere. The body scanners create 3d images of the body using either Millimeter Wave Technology or Backscatter Technology. Some travelers object to what is described as a “visual strip search”  and do not want to be scanned. Continue Reading →

The TSA’s Impact On Bodies, Sexual And Otherwise

The recent change in TSA regulations, requiring passengers chosen at random to either undergo scanning in a dubiously safe backscatter machine, or getting invasively full-body searched, has stirred up many issues related to sexuality, bodies, and personal boundaries. The TSA has released statements about the new backscatter machine, which according to them does not provide a full-nude scan of the passenger as believed by many. Nor are the images saved, but rather deleted immediately by employees. Others have contested this claim, however, asserting that there is not enough oversight to ensure that the images are always deleted, or do not contain or portray personal identifying features. There are also health concerns, as the backscatter machines are thought to emit unhealthy levels of radiation–or levels that might be healthy for a normal person, but potentially dangerous for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Continue Reading →