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Rock Climbing Is The Sexiest Sport (According To Women)

A fitness study reports that women ranked rock climbing as the sexiest sport, while the men who were asked didn’t even put it in their top five. The author writes, “To me, the sexiness of climbing is less about muscles and super-hard moves, and more about the passion and commitment that climbers have for their sport.” I agree that the dedication climbers show is sexy; however, since I’ve been rock climbing for a few years now, I have to note that the chiseled muscles (think rock-hard abs and defined shoulder and back muscles) are also a major plus when people-watching at the climbing gym. One of the other benefits to discussing rock climbing in a relationship or sexual context is that it is based on trust. If you are top-roping, it means you are relying on a belayer (person holding the rope as it’s fed through a locking device) at ground level to make sure you don’t fall. Continue Reading →