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My Visit to the Icelandic Phallological Museum

I first heard about The Icelandic Phallological Museum when I was an undergrad student taking my first Human Sexuality classes and discovering the big-wide-world of people who study sex. I was somewhere on the internet, reading a top-ten list of weird sex places and lo and behold – a penis museum, in ICELAND. Needless to say, this shot to the top of my bucket list faster than you can say “baculum.”
Just last week, during a complimentary Icelandic Air stopover on my way from London to New York, I got to check this one off the list. Immediately after dropping off my bags, I headed straight to the museum like the die-hard sex geek that I am. Coincidentally, the Airbnb accommodation I’d booked was just a few blocks from the shrine to all things penile. Continue Reading →

Vibrators and Airport Security: Traveling with vibrators in your luggage

Sometimes I travel with sex toys in my luggage either for business (at meetings, toy company reps will often give me sex toys to review in my columns or for the emerging toy box section of the blog) or for pleasure. This morning I had this experience while flying out of a certain Florida airport with a silver bullet vibrator in my suitcase: Continue Reading →