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Come Be My Luv Bug

There are tons of venues to get married at in Las Vegas – there are chapels, lush hotels, average hotels, and even drive-thru wedding chapels. Plenty of celebrities have gotten married in Las Vegas. Now there’s a mobile wedding chapel – Luv Bug Weddings. Luv Bug allows you and your sweetie to get married in a Volkswagen Beatle or have practically any Las Vegas spot as your backdrop. For $119, they provide the happy couple with the officiant, a photographer, witness (if needed), and 20 photos. Continue Reading →

My Visit to Tokyo’s Female Masturbation Bar

Love Joule's owner, Megumi, holding my vulva puppet

Like many sex geeks who inhabit the internet, I delighted in reading about the existence of Love Joule, Tokyo’s “female masturbation bar” when it made the rounds on Jezebel, Huffington Post, and Wired back in October. I was especially excited because I had an upcoming trip to Tokyo planned, and any place whose sole purpose is the de-stigmatization of female masturbation was surely going to top my to-do list. While Love Joule’s website is (not surprisingly) in Japanese, I managed to find their location and opening hours through their Facebook page. Completely coincidentally, Love Joule was a five-minute walk away from my hotel. Call it divine intervention or sex geek synchronicity: given how giant and sprawling Tokyo is, I considered this a sign of awesomeness to ensue. Continue Reading →

Where in the World is the Wondrous Vulva Puppet? Chichén Itzá Edition

chichen itza vulva puppet small

My favorite travel accessory and I recently got to see the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá, located in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. The archeological site covers a spectacular five square kilometers and includes the pyramid (called El Castillo), the observatory (called El Caracol), and the Great Ball Court, among other fascinating structures. Here’s the vulva puppet posing in front of El Castillo (which is actually a calendar, not a castle as the name suggests). Despite attracting over a million visitors a year to the site, this shot is delightfully free of throngs of tourists to share the vulva puppet’s limelight. Travel with your own vulva puppet? Continue Reading →

My Traveling Tradition: A Couple’s Christmas

A more local adventure: The Great Ocean Road, just a few hours drive from where I live

Every other year or so, my husband and I forgo presents and family gatherings in favor of traveling someplace new together and celebrating the holidays with just the two of us. Although it might seem paradoxical, I love how this practice balances the comfortable predictability of a tradition with the energizing excitement of the unknown. Since we live thousands of miles away from our nearest relatives, it makes the decision a bit easier when the cost of traveling to parents and siblings is often much greater than one of our couple’s adventures. To further reduce the holiday financial burden, we give each other homemade cards on Christmas morning instead of exchanging traditional gifts. My husband’s quite a cartoonist and he makes these wonderful drawings that celebrate the previous year, often reflecting the adventures (local and international) that we’ve had together. Continue Reading →

Travel Chemistry

I’ve often said to friends that I think traveling with someone is in many ways a microcosm of marriage. Rich experiences are plentiful and countless decisions are made in a relatively short amount of time. Budgeting, finding lodging, how you’ll spend your time, etc. are all negotiated constantly. To do so gracefully requires communication, compatibility, and commitment – all obvious key elements to successful long-term relationships. Continue Reading →

Where In The World Is The Wondrous Vulva Puppet? Iguazu Falls Edition

Here is the vulva puppet in front of Iguazu Falls, Argentina, which makes South America the fourth continent represented in the Where in the World is the Wondrous Vulva Puppet? series. Not surprisingly since it’s one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Iguazu Falls was one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen and I was very pleased to bring along my favorite travel accessory to help me document the experience. Incidentally, I also learned in Iguazu that the Wondrous Vulva Puppet makes an excellent airplane pillow when you fold the labia majora together (long fight delay + sleep deprivation = innovation). Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor or follow the author of this post, @katecom. Continue Reading →

Tampons While Traveling: Female Bonding Experiences

Some of our readers may already read Feministe, but I loved and wanted to pass on this essay, Traveling While Female. In addition to great safety advice, the author passes on the advice to always bring a tampon: you never know when you might need it, and mere discussion of said topic might lead to bonding with other women (though personally, I prefer the re-usable diva cup, pictured in the middle). My own rule is to always travel with a scarf (which is also mentioned in the post), because you never know when it might get sunny or rainy, or when you might need a cover-up. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

The Vulva Puppet’s Big Day Out In London

As many regular MSP readers know, the Wondrous Vulva Puppet is one of my favorite traveling companions. I’ve spent most of the (Northern Hemisphere) summer visiting family and friends in far-flung places and predictably, brought my favorite teaching tool in my carry-on. This time, the Vulva Puppet made an appearance in London, England. For your enjoyment, here’s trio of photos to document her latest adventure. Continue Reading →

Urban Legends About Travel And Sex

Dearest MSP readers, posts from me will be scarce for a while as I’ll be traveling through India for roughly three weeks. I’m incredibly excited because I’ve been interested in Indian cultures for a while (for example, I’ve researched women’s dress in India), and this will be my first time visiting. I’ll be presenting a paper at the International Society for Folk Narrative Research in Shillong, and also visiting friends of my aunt. Continue Reading →

Sex (-ual Health and Well-Being) On A Plane: Making The Most Out Of Long Flights

One of the double-edged realities of living in Australia is how long it takes to fly anywhere. One the one hand, we’re pleasantly tucked away in what feels like a little hidden corner of the world. One the other, long flights are tedious and expensive. You will frequently hear Aussies complain about this in a good-natured way, but also reminiscent of the “in my day, I had to walk three miles, uphill, in the snow” sort of way. The question is always how to stay occupied on that 14+hour flight, after the Sudoku in the in-flight magazine is finished and you’re done laughing at all the hilarious (read: useless) stuff in the Sky Mall catalogue. Continue Reading →