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Beautiful Women (Who Were Born Male-Bodied)

This list of 10 gorgeous women (who were born male) helps show how subjective gender is. While the models do conform to normative beauty standards, the pictures are also thought-provoking since they depict people who are beautiful and confident – regardless of which biological sex one might assign to them. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Another View Of Privilege

Privilege is a concept that affects a lot of people, and  yet it’s really hard to talk about. The basic idea behind privilege is that someone lives within conditions that benefit them, and so they don’t really have to think about what it’s like to not have those benefits. Common examples include white privilege (white people don’t encounter the effects of racism very often, so they don’t tend to think in those terms) and male privilege (men don’t know what it’s like to be sexually harassed the way so many women are, so they often dismiss women’s claims of harassment as trivial). One of the reasons this is a difficult concept for many is that it’s hard to measure. If you’ve not had the same experiences as someone else, how do you compare them? Continue Reading →

Trans Student Suspended… For Using Bathroom

A trans girl was suspended for using a bathroom not assigned to her in a Colorado high school, according to this news report. Bathroom use remains a pressing issue for many transpeople, and even people who do not identify as trans but flout gender norms in some visible way can be punished by normative-minded folks. Having more unisex bathrooms is thus an important step in greater gender equality and safety for transpeople and allies. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

Transgender Professor Denied Tenure

After completing her transition, a transgender professor was denied tenure and terminated. The professor also experienced harassment specific to her situation: she was told that she could only use one bathroom on the campus, a restriction that was placed on no other faculty member. After her tenure review, the professor was told that the dean and vice president of academic affairs found her “lifestyle” inappropriate, so she was going to be made to leave. There are no transgender anti-discrimination laws in the state of Oklahoma, nor are there specific laws about hate crimes based on gender or sexuality. Thus, there may not be any recourse for the professor, even though the president of academic affairs has openly stated that the professor’s lifestyle “offends his Baptist beliefs.” Continue Reading →

Bodies Are Just Oddly-Shaped Vessels For Hearts

Here is yet one more reason to be reading Coilhouse, the self-proclaimed love letter to alternative culture: a beautiful poem titled “How to Make Love to a Trans Person,” which nestles truths within metaphors, celebrating love and intimacy and belonging and bodies. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →

The Power Of Words

Living in a town with nearly 40-thousand college students, I often am asked what my field of study is, so I often find myself repeating the same response, “I’m a journalism major and my second concentration is in gender studies.” And then (after explaining what a second concentration is) almost nine times out of ten I hear the same follow-up question, “Well… What are you going to do with that?” Continue Reading →

The TSA’s Impact On Bodies, Sexual And Otherwise

The recent change in TSA regulations, requiring passengers chosen at random to either undergo scanning in a dubiously safe backscatter machine, or getting invasively full-body searched, has stirred up many issues related to sexuality, bodies, and personal boundaries. The TSA has released statements about the new backscatter machine, which according to them does not provide a full-nude scan of the passenger as believed by many. Nor are the images saved, but rather deleted immediately by employees. Others have contested this claim, however, asserting that there is not enough oversight to ensure that the images are always deleted, or do not contain or portray personal identifying features. There are also health concerns, as the backscatter machines are thought to emit unhealthy levels of radiation–or levels that might be healthy for a normal person, but potentially dangerous for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Continue Reading →

How Students at Women’s Colleges Feel About The “Transgender Controversy”

As Debby recently pointed out, recently published an article about trans people at same sex colleges. The article has created quite a stir on my campus, especially since some of our current students were quoted in the article. I could take this time to go on a rant about trans rights and how much it angers me that my fellow students are ridiculed for and questioned about their gender presentation and identity…but I’ll save that for another post and let my peers do the ranting. Continue Reading →

A League of Their Own, MtF Trans Myths, Love Stories, CisGender, Neil Patrick Harris is Having a Baby, and more

Some things of note on the Interwebs:

- Jezebel appreciates A League of Their Own
- Alice in Genderland describes 7 myths about male-to-female transsexuals
- For readers who aren’t sure what our new MSP blogger Garnet meant about being a cis-woman (I got a couple of questions), Wiki to the rescue! As is (though perhaps this would be a great topic for a future post)
- A heartbreaking love story about an Atlanta area couple and what happened on, and shortly after, their wedding day
- Neil Patrick Harris and his partner are expecting twins, via surrogate, this Fall
- Various  media outlets report on women, men, money and cheating (not often in very nuanced ways as much else goes into hooking up with others aside from money)

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