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The comments under recent Thinking With Your Dick installments had been pretty awesome. Like comments from reader amber who shared stories about "thigh sex" under TWYD #3 – read these stories (one involves her parents) here. Under TWYD#2, Dick and Ed the Gent have been having a mighty entertaining back and forth about Americans, Brits and "vistas" which Ed the Gent has continued on his own blog. Read the MSP comments here and then check out his site. As long as we’ve got these two, I’m kinda like "writer’s strike? Continue Reading →

He responded

If you have not read the second installment of Thinking with Your Dick, you MUST read it here. Then read the comments – Ed the Gent’s and the follow-up response by none other than Dick himself. The garden hose makes it all worth it. UPDATE: As of 11pm EST, Ed the Gent responded back to Dick. These guys are killin’ me. Continue Reading →

MSP’s Thinking with your Dick #2

In case you missed earlier conversations with Dick, you can read about him – and our sex talks – here. Dr. Debby

Have you seen the report on America’s "most lustful" cities? If not, don’t look! Off the top of your head – what cities would you pick and using what criteria to judge the cities that are “most lustful”? Dick

first city that comes to mind… Continue Reading →

MSP’s Thinking With Your Dick: Installment #1

Every college professor who has ever taught a large lecture hall of students has had a guy student who sits slouched in his seat, has a bored or at least skeptical look on his face, has messy hair suggesting that he overslept (again), and frequently raises his hand to deliver some wise-ass comment. And yet it’s hard to dismiss him given that his comments suggest that he’s at least wide awake, listening, and thinking about whatever you’ve just said. Women, too - even if they’re not college instructors – tend to have a guy like this in their lives. He might be her brother, friend, cousin, boyfriend or a friend of of her boyfriend’s. He’s the guy who seems to be going for shock value but, in reality, makes good points. For me, this guy is Dick. Continue Reading →