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Circumcision: To Snip, Or Not To Snip?

The question many parents ask themselves when they realize they’re having a baby boy: to cut, or not to cut, that is the question. [Well – maybe they don't ask it in Shakespeare-dialect, but you get the picture.]

Yet findings from a recent study may help in swaying some decisions. I recently read an article that was drawing a parallel between circumcision and a lower incidence of penile cancer. Research from the University of Sydney in Australia claims that penile cancer is higher in countries in which circumcision isn’t regularly practiced; and this could be due to the tightness of the foreskin, making it difficult to clean, thus resulting in inflammation (a common cause of penile cancer). According to the piece, another factor attributed to the link between cancer and uncircumcised men is the prevalence of HPV (which has been linked to about half of the uncommonly diagnosed penile cancer). Continue Reading →

Media And Your Love Life

The other afternoon I decided to take a breather from studying  and break for lunch. As I’m enjoying my lunch and flipping through the channels - I stumble upon an episode of “VH1 News Presents: Celebrity Cheaters”. The next thing you know my 20 minute break turns into an hour long obsession with this show, and once the program came to an end – I found myself feeling completely paranoid. Continue Reading →

Sex in prison

In Thinking With Your Dick 9, a few too many episodes of Oz prompt Dick to ponder sex. Dick: i’ve been watching oz lately, and i have to say, i’m struck by how quickly things get gay in prison.  what do you know about the rate at which people give up on jerking off and just start doing each other in jail? seems a little hasty in this show… Debby: That’s a tough issue. There’s little reliable data on it – some reports say that around 6 or 12% of men have had sex with other men in prison, others put it closer to 70% (big difference). Continue Reading →

Search terms for sluts

In Thinking With Your Dick #8, we explore the issue of using search terms to look for so-called “sluts”. As such:

Debby: Do you know that about 600 people search Google each month using the term “looking for sluts”? And almost 30,000 each month search with “looking for girls”. I wonder at what point people give up and realize that both girls – and “sluts” (icky word) – are probably better found in bars, at parties and through friends of friends. Dick: i disagree. Continue Reading →

TWYD #7: Urethral Play, Urethral Sounds and More

A few weeks ago, I started an email chain with Dick and a mutual friend. This is how it went:

Debby: Recently I was talking to (friend) about men who like urethral play. In other words, men who like to stimulate themselves by inserting things into their urethras. Things I’ve heard of being inserted into the urethra: metal rods, straws, snakes (yes, live snakes), sticks, leaves, etc. Have you heard of this? Continue Reading →

TWYD #6: Straight men talking about having sex with other men

Debby: I once knew a guy who would say he was straight but he’d also say that he would do Michael Jordan in a heartbeat. I don’t know that he meant that, but….part of me wonders. As such, I have to know: do straight guys have men in mind that they would potentially do? If so, are they disproportionately elite athletes and former James Bond actors? Dick: I think that’s something a lot of men say, and some might actually mean, but when you really explore what they’re getting at, it doesn’t make much sense.  Put it this way…if you gave a dude the choice between f*cking a really ridiculously good looking girl once, but she was going to make absolutely no effort and basically hate the experience, or having consistent sex with a nice looking girl who went wild in bed and just loved getting off, I think most would take the latter. 

Debby: This is going where??? Continue Reading →

Thinking With Your Dick #5: Jizzed in Your Pants

I’m sorry for falling off track and not posting any Thinking With Your Dick entries in months… Here is a recent conversation, with more to follow in the coming weeks. (For those of you who are new to MSP or to Thinking With Your Dick, you can catch up in the archives here). Debby: Have you seen the new SNL Jizzed in my Pants video? Thoughts? Continue Reading →

People want to know about Michael Phelps’ penis

Yesterday I wrote about the issue of an outline of Michael Phelps’ penis showing through his Speedo suit and how it appears that his penis was airbrushed out of promo ads of him in his suit. Remember? Well, it turns out that we here at MSP are not the only ones interested in Phelps’ penis. Yesterday evening alone, people visited purely as a result of searching for various Phelps/penis related terms and then hitting upon MSP. Specifically, last night alone:
- 21 people found as a result of searching for "michael phelps penis"
- 9 got here thanks to a search for "michael phelps penis size"
- 8 for "naked olympians"
- 7 for "michael phelps sexuality"
- 7 by way of searching "phelps penis"
- 5 arrived at MSP after searching "michael phelps cock size"
- 3 found us after searching "michael phelps sex"
- 3 via "phelps penis size"
- 2 via "michael phelps" and "penis"
- 2 arrived at MSP a la "mike phelps penis size"
- 1 "michael phelps" and "penis size"
- 1 "michael phelps" and "oral sex" (I am NOT making this up!!!)
- 1 "michael phelps dick size"
- 1 "michael phelps dick size?" (gotta love the question mark they put at the end)
- 1 "michael phelps std" (seriously??? Continue Reading →

Thinking With Your Dick #4

(Check out previous TWYD installments here.)
Debby: Check out this article about a guy who was caught having vaccuum cleaner sex. Dick: i dont really get it. was the vacuum on? if so, i guess i can understand why this would seem like a decent idea. it would suck the hell out of you, but it doesnt really sound like the case from this description. it sounded more like he was humping the side of it or something. Continue Reading →