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The Pill Vs. The Pullout

Hormonal birth control is something that works for some women, and not for others, which is okay. Yet as Jill discusses in this Feministe article, the author of a new book called Sweetening the Pill takes her own awful experience on the pill as evidence “that the Pill is terrible for all women.” Generalizing from one person’s experience to everyone’s is, of course, a bad idea. As Jill writes: “And most of my friends who are on the Pill don’t have the same side effects that I had, and are perfectly happy relying on it as their primary means of contraception. Also, one friend feels like she gets in her best shape by running, another by doing Barre classes and Pilates, whereas I prefer yoga. Continue Reading →

Birth Control In Estonia

As regular MSP readers know, I’ve been living in Estonia since this summer, working on my dissertation. It’s a small-ish country located on the Baltic Sea, wedged between the Scandinavian countries, Finland, and Russia (see map). Recently, I had the opportunity to see a doctor, and while I was at it, I decided to look into birth control options here. While there are a few differences I’ve noticed between Estonia and the US, it seems that obtaining birth control was as easy as anywhere else in the West, and in some ways, even a little easier. While informally discussing birth control options with a female doctor, I learned that the pill is one of the more common forms of birth control available to young women. Continue Reading →