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Texting During Sex – Is It OK?

I recently came across this old (by internet standards) information graph on Mashable.com, which suggests that 10% of the 25 and under crowd feel that it’s acceptable to text during sex.  As suggested by the author, I started off being a little worried about the future of our civilization, but was relieved when I followed the rabbit hole back to the original article, where the report’s author clarified: these young folks felt it was acceptable to interrupt sex to respond to a text. While this is still a somewhat questionable act, it ruined my visions of the simple logistics involved in texting during sex.I thought of  one partner bent over pecking away at a keyboard while the other is poking from behind; one partner riding no-handed so she can update her Twitter; one partner facesitting, the other on Facebook.  Interesting ideas for erotica or porn, but not very practical in real life. Continue Reading →