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Bystepping Stigma By Easily Locating STI Clinics

It’s important for both potential and current sexual partners to be able to give informed consent to participating in sexual acts, which includes, among other things, knowledge about one’s STI status. STIs like herpes are much more prevalent than they are assumed to be, and due to the stigma surrounding having an STI, it’s often difficult to even initiate a conversation about getting tested. That’s why I was pleased to learn about the website, FindTheBest, which allows you to compare STI testing clinics using a set of filters and factors. Unfortunately, a lot of people tend to assume that the only places to get tested at are a doctor’s office, which is not true at all. I played around with the website’s comparison tool, and I thought it was pretty neat. Continue Reading →

Back to School: 10 Sex Things College Students Might Do, Think About or Buy

Everyone seems to have an opinion about what college students should buy when they go back to school. And a lot of it sadly seems to have to do with promoting consumer behaviors rather than students’ well-being. As someone who has been teaching college students for about 6 years now – and whose work and teaching focuses on sex, love and relationships – I thought I might throw out a few ideas about 10 things college students might consider in this area. None of them involve buying pricey cars, laptops or shoes. Rather, my suggestions – which I think apply well to non-college students and older adults, too – are to: Continue Reading →