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Condoms, Anyone?

Earlier this week, I overheard a rather disappointing conversation as I was sitting in the waiting room of my gynecologist’s office. It went something like this: A young woman—I’d say, early twenties—enters the waiting room to discuss an issue she has with the secretary. The twenty-something is extremely upset because—due to changes in her health insurance—she’s no longer going to be able to receive the NuvaRing (for free, I assume?), and now has to switch to an alternate form of birth control that will now cost her upwards of $50 a month. As the secretary was trying to calm her down, she was mentioning cheaper forms of protection. And when she brought up condoms, the younger woman cut her off and said she’s looking for “protection that will actually work.”

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Is cleaning a faucet like giving a hand job?

I never saw it that way until I watched one of my favorite Current TV shows, Target: Women – in particular, an episode on Cleaning. Watch the clip here and keep in mind that Lysol cannot be used to protect you or a partner from herpes. She’s making fun of that idea. (I’m sure you all know that but I’d be remiss to send you to watch a clip on various cleaning issues and how they relate to sex without pointing that out). Continue Reading →