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Everything I Know About Sex I Learned From Star Trek

A few years ago, I heard the best pick-up line I’ve ever heard uttered in real life. Some friends and I were paying nerd homage at Quark’s Bar in the Start Trek Experience in Vegas and we overheard a woman trying to chat up a man on the other end of the bar. In a sexy, low voice (and in all seriousness), she purred, “So… Do you speak Klingon?” I laughed so hard, my Risa Colada nearly went out my nose. Still, I had endless respect for the incredible geekiness we were witnessing, and it warmed my heart to see people find such compatibility. Continue Reading →

Tingler Rings in the Ladies Room: How Enterprising

While stopping for a cup of coffee on a recent road trip, I came upon this fantastic sight. Not only does this (ladies’!) restroom vending machine sell condoms, but they also sell “glow-in-the-dark tingler” cock rings. This is fantastic to me, not only because cock rings are used to enhance pleasure and prolong sex, but also because I wouldn’t expect these goals to concern gas-station condom vending machine entrepreneurs. But my favorite part, I’m slightly embarrassed to admit, was the bad Star Trek pun. [On a related note, last year Debby found and wrote about similar comparisons between vending machines in Edinburgh, Scotland that sold vibrating rings and vending machines in the US that sold menstrual pads and breath mints.]

Image by Kate McCombs

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