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Troubles Between The Sheets

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, a recent study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh’s Sleep Medicine Institute has found that women can be grumpy and upset with their partners if they don’t get a good night’s sleep. At first when I saw the tweet “pitching” this article, I thought it was a joke (simply because this seems like a bit of a no-brainer); yet I kid you not – an actual study was performed for this information. The study involved 32 couples being monitored for 10 nights, having their sleeping patterns analyzed. The following the day, the reseachers surveyed the couples to see how they were getting along, then produced their results and findings from there. Hm. Continue Reading →

Mood Killer: Keep Work (And Laptops) Out Of The Bedroom

It’s fairly common knowledge that if you have trouble sleeping you should use your bed only for sleep and sex. It supposedly helps you associate your bedroom with these activities and doing things like watching television or working in bed will make it more difficult to use your bedroom for its intended purposes. It’s kind of hard to get in the mood for sex if things like laptops and books are strewn about everywhere. It is also worthwhile to note that hearing the sound of  your laptop hitting the ground after falling out of a loft bed is a huge mood killer. So keep your work elsewhere and let the bedroom be a safe and relaxing place. Continue Reading →