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More Erotic And Obscene Words

As a follow-up to my post explaining folk speech and sexual slang, I thought I would provide some examples of so-called “dirty” words in the English language: George Carlin’s Incomplete List of Impolite Words (link goes to Youtube video). This is, obviously, SO not safe for work due to the various taboo words being pronounced aloud with relish. Though I’m a folklorist and sex scholar, many words in the video were new to me. The endless creativity that goes into describing and naming sexual acts is quite astounding! Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Folk Speech And Sexual Slang

In my field, Folklore, we study not only fairy tales and community celebrations but also language itself. Like linguists, we’re interested in dialect and the regional and cultural variations between language uses and meanings. The term we use for this area is “folk speech.” A guide to teaching verbal folklore defines folk speech as including:

Regional accents, like “Hyde Pork”/”Hyde Park” or “warsh”/”wash”; local terms, specialized language, and other elements that make up the distinctive speech patterns of a region, folk group, or occupation. Children have elaborate specialized language, which includes personalized names for games, such as “butt ball” for dodgeball; distinctive phraseology, such as “let’s bust some moves” for “let’s dance”; and distinctive languages, such as piglatin. Continue Reading →