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Orgasm During Rape

If rape is underreported, the occurrence of orgasm during rape is especially so. This article (trigger warning for descriptions of sexual violence) discusses the phenomenon, making it clear that the body can respond to sexual touching even when one’s mind is not aroused or engaged. There are plenty of examples of this: people can have orgasms while asleep, and people can become aroused while looking at images that they would not consciously classify as sexy. One of the reasons to point all this out is to remove the shame and stigma from the experience of being bodily aroused or having an orgasm during sexual assault. It is never the victim’s fault, and even if the experience of orgasm during rape is confusing and shameful, hopefully it helps to keep in mind that it is the body responding, which we don’t always have control over. Continue Reading →

Colleges Should Support Male Sexual Violence Survivors

This Chronicle report advises universities to include men in their sexual violence support and prevention services, reasoning that sexual violence against men is often underreported, and that universities are obligated to provide safe environments for all their students. Due to the prevalence of worldwide sexual violence against men, and situations showing that discussing gender roles with boys helps them think outside ingrained sexist behaviors (such as those that sustain rape culture), it seems like directing sexual assault prevention messages at college men as well as women is the next logical step in campus safety programs. Continue Reading →

Sadly, We Still Need A “Violence Against Women Act”

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) that funds domestic abuse shelters and increases federal penalties for domestic violence is up for renewal… but is meeting resistance from, unsurprisingly, a number of Republicans. Apparently the fact that the bill requires nondiscrimination against LGBTQ recipients of aid and would grant more visas to abused immigrant women is problematic. I’m floored that a) we still need to federally discourage violence against women, and b) there are people who don’t want to extend that kind of help and resources to, um, everyone. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Continue Reading →

Worldwide Sexual Violence Against Men

This 25-minute news story film documents rape and sexual violence that occurs against men, focusing on wartime activities ranging from sexual humiliation, anal penetration, forced masturbation, gang rape, and other scenarios that exemplify the brutal acts that men have used to torture other men. While alternately depressing and infuriating, I recommend the video because it is an illuminating survey of an important current topic (for instance, this happens all over the world–not just in Africa), and it makes the excellent point that while sexual violence against women happens disproportionately more, sexual violence against men is still a significant problem. Follow us on Twitter @mysexprofessor. Follow Jeana, the author of this post, @foxyfolklorist. Continue Reading →