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Storytelling and sex

Positive self-talk can make sex more pleasurable. Want to learn how? Check out my new blog post on this topic on Psychology Today’s site, where I’ve just started contributing. (This, by the way, is quite exciting for me as when I first decided to major is psychology as an undergrad, my dad bought me a subscription to Psychology Today to help inspire my thinking and make me feel “part of the club”, I suppose.) Continue Reading →

Semen in the Eye: Is It Dangerous? What Should I Do if I Get Sperm in my Eye?

There you are, performing oral sex on your boyfriend, husband or what’s-his-name and you start to feel that he’s about to come. Maybe, if he’s particularly kind, he even warns you with an “I’m gonna come.” Then, in spite of the fact that he promised not to get it in your eye if you let him come on your face or neck, whoosh! There it goes. Semen lands in your eye. Continue Reading →