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How breast cancer survivors (and other women, too) can improve their sex lives

Last week I described some of the sexual problems faced by breast cancer survivors following treatment. I promised to return to the topic this week in order to highlight specific strategies that survivors can use to address common sexual problems – and that many other women may find help to make their sex lives better too. Ready? 1. Make friends with lube! Continue Reading →

How having breast cancer can affect a woman’s sexuality

This year, approximately 11,000 women under the age of 40 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. While it is heart-wrenching to think about dealing with breast cancer at any age, young survivors of breast cancer are often affected by breast cancer treatments in unique ways that are rarely discussed openly. For one, certain treatments can send a woman into early menopause. This is important for women to talk with their healthcare providers about before they begin treatment, as some treatments can be modified in ways that increase the chances of a woman being able to conceive after treatment is complete. Treatments for breast cancer can also greatly affect a woman’s sex life (at any age) – lumpectomy and mastectomy can affect a women’s body image whereas chemotherapy can cause vaginal dryness or pain. Continue Reading →

Sex after breast cancer

More press on our recent study related to breast cancer and sexuality appeared in the Bloomington Herald-Times and can be found on their web site after the jump. When I went to my dermatologist the other day, she mentioned that she’d seen the article (much more comfortable than the time my gynecologist walked in the room and said he and his wife had seen me on the Discovery Channel talking about sex!) and thought it was good coverage of a challenging topic. I agree and would love to hear your thoughts, too. Continue Reading →