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Welcome To The Sexapocalypse

Thanks to the fact that I follow @KateClancy on Twitter, I found out about an essay she’d been cited in: Get ready for the sexapocalypse (some say it’s already here). Possible scenarios discussed in the essay include a world where gender completely ceases to exist, a future where body parts mutate into genitalia at random, and an extrapolation of today’s sex-selective abortions wherein men outnumber women so much that women begin to be bought and sold as scarce commodities. The idea of a sexapocalypse is interesting to ponder; its very basis depends in part on what you think is feasible when it comes to sex and sexuality in our world. Would eradicating gender roles lead to chaos and the downfall of society, or cause us to transcend social limitations and become angelic? Would meeting an alien species that had three genders, or none at all, challenge our ideas about binary gender? Continue Reading →