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Sex Does Great Things For Your Body

There’s so much to love about sex: the romance, the lust, the dirty talk, the ability to take on or cast off identities at your whimsy. But sex can also be a rewarding experience because of what it does to your body – and not just in the goosebump- or orgasm-inducing ways. Sex can be a terrific workout and it can also inspire people to get or stay in good shape. Sure, sex doesn’t typically burn as many calories as one might burn on the elliptical, but frenzied sex certainly burns more calories than sitting on the sofa watching Glee. And while sex isn’t likely to help you gain a great deal of lean muscle mass, you may find that certain acrobatic positions (the Wheelbarrow, anyone?) helps to pump up your arm muscles in ways you didn’t previously think sex was capable of. Continue Reading →

Porn Made By Women For Women

I found this post on Jezebel about what men and women look at when they watch porn and how it might not really be what you expect. It was an interesting post, for sure. However, what ended up being more interesting to me were the comments. There are apparently a lot of people who think that there is no porn out there for them. The comments consisted of people complaining about the ugly men, fake breasted women with too much makeup, and how lesbian porn especially is just the absolute worst. Continue Reading →

Q&A: Making Time For Sex

Our busy schedules are putting a damper on our sex lives.  How do we make it work? Sex cannot always be “the” priority but if you want to keep the passion alive, you have to make it “a” priority. Building your career is an important and worthy goal. Not only does work bring home a paycheck but it also likely helps you both to feel challenged and intellectually stimulated. That said, sex and your relationship need to be important too. Continue Reading →

Sexy Fonts for the Penis and Vagina


When I was in high school, a boy in my class once delivered a typed note to my mailbox inviting me to watch a movie with him. Not only that, but he later admitted to spending more than an hour carefully choosing which font to use in his note – time that my best friend and I couldn’t imagine spending on selecting computer font. Of course, we were far too busy spending multiple hours dissecting every little thing that boys we liked (or didn’t like) said or did, including why someone would ever spend so much time choosing a font. And yet, font sometimes does matter. For reasons unknown to me, today I wondered which fonts were sexiest. Continue Reading →