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2012 Election Results: California Sex Laws

Last week, Californians voted on whether to make condom use mandatory in pornography shoots. Measure B passed, but remains controversial. Many adult performers believe that they already take adequate safety measures such as regular testing, and that the law only further marginalizes them. For those reasons, I prefer to hear more of their perspectives before I make up my mind on the law. In more California news (because that’s where I’m from), Prop 35 also passed, which approves harsher sentences for human trafficking. Continue Reading →

Former Sex Worker Removed from Job as School Teacher Following Huffington Post Piece

Melissa Petro, an elementary school teacher at Bronx school PS 70 and publicly out former sex worker, was recently reassigned from her teaching position to administrative duty “pending investigation,” following her recent Huffington Post article on the shutdown of CraigsList and her own experiences briefly using the site as a prostitute. In the article, Petro uses her real name and is open regarding her past sex work. Continue Reading →

Sex worker march in Washington DC

Today I went into DC to work at a Cosi, as I’ve become particularly fond of their Tomato Basil soup. YUM. I hopped off the stop at McPherson only to find the beginnings of a sex worker march in the park that I was walking through. Excited, I got off my cell phone, hung around, talked to the women and men (both sex workers and their friends and allies) and joined in the march to advocate for sexual rights of sex workers. The group of women and men in attendance were from all over: Washington DC, North Carolina, Australia, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and other cities. Continue Reading →