Sex Toy Cemetery

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When To Retire A Sex Toy

There’s nothing quite like a good connection to your favorite sex toy. Whether it’s a vibrator, a dildo, a plug, a ring, or a harness it’s always there for you in the good times and the bad. Even if your beloved toy is like a friend to you, sometimes you have to acknowledge that they’ve given you all the can and it’s time for them to move along to greener pastures. It might be time to say goodbye if: Continue Reading →

Introducing the “Sex Toy Cemetery”

This is the Sex Toy Cemetery (STC): where sex toys go when they die. Sex toys, like the people who enjoy them, do not last forever. Depending on their quality, the frequency with which you use them, how you clean them, how you store them and the luck of the draw, they may last an hour, weeks, months or for years on end. The STC photo project is meant to pay homage to the toys that have served us well. Next time one of your sex toys breaks – whether it’s a vibrator, dildo, masturbation sleeve, beads, butt plug or such – take a picture and send it in before you dispose of or recycle your toy. Continue Reading →