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Sex Tourism In The Dominican Republic

After spending a month sledging, picking, and shoveling away the rubble and debris that still covers Leogane, Haiti my partner and I decided to have a brief vacation in the Dominican Republic. We had come for the relaxing beaches, the old colonial streets where Sir Francis Drake himself had stumbled drunkenly, but most of all for running water and a real bed. Although many other NGO workers in Haiti cross the border into the Dominican Republic, we weren’t the only tourists sipping mojitos. The DR may be known for its white sand beaches, finely made cigars, and top quality rum but many more people visit for the lavish sex vacations that the country has to offer. Despite the fact that the Dominican Republic is a staunchly Catholic country, sex tourism is a big business and you don’t have to look hard to find it. Continue Reading →

This Week at MSP: Sex Tourism, Kegels, Folklore, Sex Toys & More

This week our MSP blogging team grows even more. Today you will hear from two new bloggers: Miss Maggie Mayhem and Jeana Jorgensen, in addition to reading posts written by me, Kiersten, Kate and perhaps a few others (surprises ahead, I tell you!). You will read about sex tourism, folklore, belly dancing, sex maps, Kegel exercises and sex toys – and those are just the posts I know about! As with most blogs, many posts will be unexpected, influenced by what is going on in the world at any given time. I hope you will Continue Reading →