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What do Helen Hunt and Sex Surrogacy Have in Common?

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Quite a lot, it turns out. A few weeks ago, I watched The Sessions, a new film starring Hunt as Cheryl Cohen Greene, a California-based sex surrogate. What is sex surrogacy, you may ask? I asked myself the same thing. When my mom first proposed that we watch the movie together and explained a bit of the premise, I was dubious. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: How can I last long enough to satisfy my wife of 24 years?

Question: Is it possible for a man to learn to control his orgasm? After 24 years of marriage I am still not able to always satisfy my wife. This partially due to the fact that my wife does not like much foreplay or oral sex and we do not have take often anyway. She wants me to last long enough for her orgasm only which is not always possible for me. Since we only make love in the missionary position, changing positions is not an option. Continue Reading →