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How to Orgasm During Sex: Tilt Your Hips, Ladies!

When it comes to female orgasm, there is no such thing as a sure thing. There is no magical Harry Potter spell (though those who saw promo photos of Daniel Radcliffe in Equus may wish there were). There is also no magic sure-thing sex position to take from women from “that was nice” to “that was wow”. But there are tricks. And there are ways to get a leg up. Tilting your hips is one such trick. Continue Reading →

Better Oral Sex Tip #4: How to make oral sex feel more pleasurable.

Tip #4 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Practice without pressure. Our previous three tips for yummifying oral sex have been mostly about how to make it better and more enjoyable as a giver. This week’s tip is all about the giver. The fact is that not all women and men enjoy receiving oral sex. Those that want to learn to enjoy it, or to orgasm from it, don’t always know what steps they might take in that direction. Continue Reading →

Oral Sex Tip #3: What’s the best way to perform oral sex?

Tip #3 for Yummifying Oral Sex: Make it your own. In the past two posts about making oral sex more fun and enjoyable, we’ve focused on the power of the mind and the tastebuds. This week, it’s all about self-confidence and decision making. When it comes to oral sex, one of the key ways to make it more pleasurable is to engage in oral sex that feels right to you. In other words, do it the way that YOU want to do it – not how you’ve heard that your best friend or a magazine writer does it. Continue Reading →

How to make oral sex better: Oral Sex Tip #1

Most Americans have had oral sex – and most (but not all) people like receiving it. But what about giving it? Attitudes vary dramatically. Some people only perform oral as a means of getting oral, or perhaps they do it solely to please their partner. Then there are those who crave oral sex so intensely (and with such pleasure) that the slightest thought of it means they can almost taste it. Continue Reading →

How to finger a woman: Safe, pleasurable sex techniques

Recently someone asked me how to finger a woman in a way that felt good and wouldn’t hurt her, and I realized that this information is rarely discussed and could be very important to some people. So I decided to share it with MSP readers, too. Here are some tips for safe, pleasurable vaginal fingering. 1. Make sure that your partner wants to have your finger in their vagina. Continue Reading →

Barack and Michelle Obama: They do a lot of fisting? (oops)


Looks as though a certain TV talking head could use a brief Sex 101. Recently a woman on TV was talking about how affectionate Barack and Michelle Obama are with each other. She said “they do a lot of touching, kissing, even fisting with one another.” (Enter nervous laughter from more knowledgeable TV host). I imagine she was referring to the so-called fist bumps that surprised and confused many older adults, but made many younger people feel like they were cute, or more similar to them, or else they didn’t think anything of it at all. Continue Reading →