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Sex-Selective Abortions And The Value Of Girls In India

It is poignant to note as I originally wrote this post on International Women’s Day that South Asian women face incredible challenges. As noted in The Himalayan Times, South Asia “is at the bottom of a global ranking of gender inequality using the five indicators of maternal mortality, adolescent fertility, parliamentary representation, education and labor force participation.” Millions of girls are estimated to have been killed in infancy, in childhood, or aborted after ultrasounds that revealed the gender of the fetus, leading to a not insignificant population imbalance. In India, for example, it is estimated that there are eight girls for every ten boys due to these practices. This video report provides some cultural context for the reasons for sex-selective abortions in India, showing some heart-rending interviews from unwanted girls and women who were pressured into aborting their female fetuses. Continue Reading →