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Marry A Smart Woman If You Want To Live Longer

Swedish scientists discovered that men married to smart women live longer, as reported in this article. The way the female author handles this fact, however, is less than heartening; she promotes the belief that men are willfully stupid creatures who would guzzle pork fat and light unsafe fires at every opportunity if their educated wives did not gently deter them from such silliness. If anything, I would think that the greater mental stimulation afforded by a smart partner would help prevent the type of brain deterioration over time that can lead to various kinds of disorders, from Alzheimer’s to dementia. I wonder how netting an intelligent spouse benefits women–heterosexual and otherwise, as the original post seemed biased in that direction. (or, having just run this by a male friend: “Because I’d go insane if I married a stupid woman!”)

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The Science of Booty Calls

Since I am currently writing a paper on the different definitions of “date” and “hookup”, I am always interested in new research that comes out which talks about the definition and practice of various sexual situations.  That’s why I was intrigued when I found two articles referencing the same scientific study about “booty calls.” Kinsey Confidential’s own Kristen Mark talks about it here. has an interview with the author here. However, shouldn’t there be more technical names for these important sexual issues?  Talking about “the booty call” and “one night stand” seems weird.  What about a “Telephone-Initiated Long term but Mostly Sexual relationship?”  (TILMS)  Or perhaps a “Brief One-Time Sexual Encounter” (BOTSE).  Because, let’s face it, there’s very little standing involved. Continue Reading →

The Kinsey Institute Call for Student Grant Proposals

My wonderful friend and colleague, Dr. Brian Dodge, is also the Chair of The Kinsey Institute’s Student Research Grants Committee (Disclosure: I am often one of several independent reviewers). The Committee has just posted its call for grant proposal applications. Grad students, check it out – it’s a very competitive process, but worth applying (I think): Continue Reading →