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Kama Sutra…Snuggie Style!

Just in time for those cool weather months, authors Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison have released The Snuggie Sutra, a book of kama sutra positions re-conceived for the pop culture enthusiast (and, as Jezebel rightly points out, your average Urban Outfitters customer). The book incorporates the infomercial phenomenon into modernized Kama Sutra positions, designed for the snuggly bunny in all of us (or perhaps even the bit shy). Nevertheless, anything that encourages people to play, laugh and enjoy trying new sexual positions, all while staying warm in the process, is definitely good in my book! And maybe it’s fond memories of the getting stuck under that multicolored tent with my childhood crush, but I happen to love “The Parachute”: Continue Reading →

Four tips for better woman on top sex position fun

Woman on top is one of the most commonly chosen sexual intercourse positions in many Western countries and yet it is also one of the more challenging sex positions for couples. Many women and men are unsure what to do once the woman gets on top and some men find that it is difficult to maintain their erection in woman on top. Couples may benefit from exploring different ways of “doing” woman on top. Here are four suggestions for woman on top sex: Continue Reading →

Pregnancy and Sex: Sex Positions, Safer Sex and More

On today’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, I – along with two smart, engaging and fun ob/gyns, Dr. Shieva Ghofrani and Dr. Afriye Emerson – discussed myths and facts related to pregnancy. Being a sex researcher and educator, I focused on debunking common sex myths related to conception and pregnancy and provided tips for enjoyable sex during pregnancy. Tune into Tyra’s show for all the details! In addition to the information I provided on-air, here are 5 facts to know about sex, conception and pregnancy:

1. There is no one sex position that is a sure-fire way to conceive. Continue Reading →

MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: Downward Dog (not the yogic kind)

Okay, it’s not exactly like Downward-Facing Dog in yoga, but it does give you an idea of what’s to come, right? One of the cool things about the way human beings have sex is that we are one of the few species that has sex face-to-face, which makes it easier to whisper sweet nothings and get all our ooey-gooey feelings expressed during what some affectionately call “lovemaking”. Then there are times where that vibe isn’t quite what either of you are going for and you’re feeling more like you want to turn over and get spanked or have your hair pulled. Am I right? Not that that’s the only benefit of downward dog (DD). Continue Reading →

MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: The Shoulder Holder

 There are a ton of different names for this position, but I like to call it The Shoulder Holder, which is what Men’s Health magazine refers to it as in their Position Finder (some of you may know that I also work as the Men’s Health sex columnist). The Shoulder Holder requires a few things, but namely, a strong man and a flexible partner. In this position, a woman lays on her back, inserts Part A into Part B, and then stretches her legs into the air – well, either straight up in the air or, if her partner is strong and willing and able, then over his shoulders (hence the position’s name). He holds her legs still while they thrust up and down, side to side, or wiggle around in circular motions, in ways that feel yummy-licious to both of them. Fair warning: If the man involved in this position finds it difficult to control the timing of his ejaculation, it is possible that this move will send him over the top. Continue Reading →

MSP Sex Q&A: Where is a woman’s g spot?

Question: My wife and I were both virgins when we got married, so even though we are almost 30, we lack experience. Hence my question: where is a woman’s g spot? Does every woman have one? Answer: Technically speaking, the g spot is more like a zone than a spot (yes, I know, in spite of its name). It’s roughly one or two inches inside the vagina, on the front vaginal wall (the same side as one’s navel) and gentle but first pressure tends to stimulate the area better than light touching. Continue Reading →

MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: Woman on Top (wait, there’s more!)

Yeah, I know. You’re probably thinking how often you’ve heard about the wonders of woman-on-top (WOT) only to find that, um, it kind of sucks. At least for some of you. Some of you probably love it and others are, like, meh. The thing about WOT is that it’s yours for the taking. Continue Reading →

MSP (Potentially) Great Sex Position of the Week: Coital Alignment Technique

If you’ve never heard of the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) technique, today is your lucky day. Mark it on your calendar and treat yourself to a glass of champagne on this day, every year, for the rest of your life. Or at least as long as you’re still enjoying CAT. In many ways, CAT is a simple technique. Then again, many of life’s most succulent pleasures lie in simplicity (think: a perfect red or a warm bath in the evening). Continue Reading →

Recent sex column round-ups

- In Velocity, check out my responses to a guy who was wondering whether he should get his booty-calling-ex a holiday gift and to a woman whose boyfriend wants her to grow her nails long so she can scratch his back (yes, in that way) – that Dec 31 column can be found on the Velocity web site

- Also in Velocity, last week’s column brought us questions from one reader who asked me for ways to re-ignite his relationship following a two-week dry spell and another reader who was bothered by her husband’s use of porn

- In Time Out Chicago, last week my weekly In&Out column heard from a male reader who wondered to what extent his penis size might be contributing to his seeming lack of luck in getting his exes to orgasm, an 18 year old female reader who experienced some bleeding after sex (well, technically after fingering) and was wondering about that, and a male reader who was looking for a way to speed up his girlfriend’s orgasm (the fact that he was spraying lidocaine on his penis in order to last longer was a challenging issue in and of itself – yikes! not a good idea, folks). – In this week’s Time Out Chicago, there are even more interesting questions from readers! Take, for example, the woman who asked how to improve her odds of orgasm given the religious guilt she experiences in regard to masturbation, another woman who wondered about whether it was safe for women to take birth control pills for years on end (and whether there was a pill for men), and a 30-ish guy whose fear of germs has kept him from having sex or getting into the relationship he very much wants. Read the column here. Continue Reading →