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Sex Play and Sexy Costumes: Dress Me Up in Your Love

There are many ways to add some spice to your love life (case in point: sex can show you another side of a person), and dressing up is one of them. I remember being a little kid and having my own trunk of dress up clothes, many of which were hand-me-downs from my mother and babysitter. I had old prom dresses, and plenty of 80s-riffic fashions (big shoulder pads, neon prints). Continue Reading →

Texting During Sex – Is It OK?

I recently came across this old (by internet standards) information graph on, which suggests that 10% of the 25 and under crowd feel that it’s acceptable to text during sex.  As suggested by the author, I started off being a little worried about the future of our civilization, but was relieved when I followed the rabbit hole back to the original article, where the report’s author clarified: these young folks felt it was acceptable to interrupt sex to respond to a text. While this is still a somewhat questionable act, it ruined my visions of the simple logistics involved in texting during sex.I thought of  one partner bent over pecking away at a keyboard while the other is poking from behind; one partner riding no-handed so she can update her Twitter; one partner facesitting, the other on Facebook.  Interesting ideas for erotica or porn, but not very practical in real life. Continue Reading →

Embracing Joy in Life and in Sex

Recently I had the privilege of having dinner with a small group of people. One dinner companion was a sex and relationship therapist with more than twenty years experience seeing clients. Though there were many interesting aspects to the evening’s conversation, one part stuck out to me in particular: the idea that some people are terribly afraid of joy. Continue Reading →

Semen in the Eye: Is It Dangerous? What Should I Do if I Get Sperm in my Eye?

There you are, performing oral sex on your boyfriend, husband or what’s-his-name and you start to feel that he’s about to come. Maybe, if he’s particularly kind, he even warns you with an “I’m gonna come.” Then, in spite of the fact that he promised not to get it in your eye if you let him come on your face or neck, whoosh! There it goes. Semen lands in your eye. Continue Reading →