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Bisexuals Love Puns – and Bi the Way, A Few Myths

As someone with a large amount of bisexual friends and also as a sex educator, I’ve heard so many myths about bisexual individuals (amongst other entertaining rumors!). AlterNet writer Anna Pulley recently wrote about 9 Stupid Myths About Bisexuals That Will Make You Laugh and it definitely had me giggling in more than one place. Continue Reading →

MSP Q&A: Is masturbation bad? Will it make me shorter?

Recently on Yahoo Questions, someone wrote in to ask whether masturbation would make a person shorter. Most responses were either inaccurate (saying that yes, it would), sarcastic or both. This was my response:

No, there have been no linkages between masturbation and height. In fact, research consistently shows that the vast majority of men (roughly 95% – 98%) masturbate and most, though somewhat fewer, women have masturbated too. Masturbation is a common, healthy form of expression. Continue Reading →