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Embracing Joy in Life and in Sex

Recently I had the privilege of having dinner with a small group of people. One dinner companion was a sex and relationship therapist with more than twenty years experience seeing clients. Though there were many interesting aspects to the evening’s conversation, one part stuck out to me in particular: the idea that some people are terribly afraid of joy. Continue Reading →

Oral Sex Techniques and Games for Couples: Body Sugar

When two people want to be together for a long time – whether as friends with benefits or in a committed long term partnership – it can help to keep sex interesting by making it fun. Some couples enjoy using sex toys such as vibrators, dildos or couples toys as part of their sex play or foreplay techniques; others try different positions, have sex in different rooms of the house, or perhaps they sneak away to a hotel or bed & breakfast for a sexy night. Recently in Chicago, I dropped by Tulip (one of several terrific sex boutiques in the city) and sampled two of their flavored body sugars in Mint Julep and Brown Sugar flavors. Both were tasty, though I ended up purchasing the Mint Julep flavor (see above photo). Body sugars and powders can help to make oral sex more tasty – but they can also enhance sex more generally. Continue Reading →