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Claiming The Title Of Sex Educator

Half a year ago, I wrote a blog post called “On Being A Sex Educator When You’re Not,” which related my experiences of acting like a sex educator when people in my life needed access to that sort of information. However, as I wrote: “I know that there are specific degree programs dedicated to training sex educators, and I would not want to denigrate them (or the people who work so hard for those degrees) by claiming that title for myself.” Recently, though, I’ve changed my thinking. I’ve been writing for MySexProfessor since 2010. I’ve done research on sex education, and learned about some of the methods and paradigms used by sex educators to impart information to their audiences. Continue Reading →

On Being A Sex Educator When You’re Not

A funny thing has been happening to me lately. People have started treating me like a sex educator, even though I’m not. I work in adjacent fields, certainly (such as folklore and gender studies), but I wouldn’t claim the title of sex educator for a number of reasons. What’s a well-intentioned scholar/blogger to do? First, while I frequently can and do educate people about sex, there’s a reason I’m not calling myself a sex educator. Continue Reading →